Bout of Books 19 giveaway winner

Bout of Books 19#boutofbooks

Bout of Books 19
Giveaway winner

And a first for me!
In the blogosphere, we regularly hear about inventive participants trying all they can to win a book, for instance using different IDs with the same IP. Well, this one is quite known, so maybe less are doing that now. So far, I had only noticed honesty in my participants.

In this latest giveaway, though not limiting it to participants of Bout of Books, I was giving 10 extra entries for those who did Bout of Books. That’s common practice when a giveaway is related to a special event.
One participant gave me her name and number on the Bout of Books list of participants. When I checked, there was no such name and nowhere on her social accounts did she mention any activity she did with Bout of Books.
Thinking maybe she used another name, I asked what was her name for Bout of Books, and then she got angry and said I could keep my book.
So yes, I have kept the book and now we have a legitimate winner!

Bout of Books winnerwon

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