Book review: Strangled in Paris


Strangled in Paris

I was thrilled to finally try this series by two popular French authors (Claude Izner being their pen name).
Plus, Strangled in Paris takes place in mostly in Paris, obviously, during La Belle Époque, and Victor Legris, the investigator asked to solve the murder of a young woman, is a book-seller! What is not to love here!

I really enjoyed the evocation of the period and of Paris at the time (of the sea as well at the beginning of the book).
It was fun to meet again some real people I bumped into while reading Occult Paris, and The Black Unicorn Society totally fit in the context. Related to this, some scenes were delightfully spooky.

But the plot is quite convoluted and the ending disappointing.  There are a lot of characters and it took me a while to get familiar with who is who and what the connections between them are. I also got quickly annoyed by the investigators trying to elucidate the mystery while hiding everything from their wives.
Maybe it is that starting with volume 6 was definitely not a smart move. I can admit that.
But as I have now read similar complaints coming from readers of volume 1, this is not too encouraging, and I don’t think I’ll make more efforts with this series, unless you manage to convince me.

VERDICT: Nice evocation of the setting, but too convoluted and many characters to be fully enjoyable.

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