Guest-post: Forecasted fitness trends of 2017: What is expected to emerge!

Forecasted fitness trends of 2017:
What is expected to emerge!


As many book bloggers love listening to audiobooks while exercising, I thought you might enjoy this guest-post.
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Have you started making plans for next year? Has more movement and enhanced sports activities reached their place on your wish list already? Then you should know all about the forecasted fitness trends of 2017 to see what is expected to emerge. This way, you can come up with great new ideas that will help you keep your body in shape and feel healthier and more active than ever. It looks like next year has a lot of hot topics to reveal from the fitness world – let’s discover them together below.

Wearable Technology to the Rescue
Every industry is now dominated by latest technology development meant to ensure practicality and improved efficiency for users. Fitness does not come as an exception to this rule and 2017 is predicted to become the year of wearable fitnesstechnology. New fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and improved pedometers will make the list of useful devices to consider if you want to be more active than ever in the next couple of months.
A booming market of new fitness technology is now on the rise and it does not show any signs of slowing down soon. However, the latest trends also advise users to take advantage of the benefits offered by latest devices but not use these more than necessary so that no electromagnetic radiation or any other negative effects might become a part of their life. Rely on useful tech for your workout sessions then remove them to offer your body time to rest and reconnect with the surrounding environment.

More focus on bodyweight training
Another serious emerging fitness trend of 2017 refers to the shift in focus towards bodyweight training. There are numerous reasons why this has become the top exercise trend of the future. Among these, the most important ones are represented by the fact that you do not need to engage in any expensive gym membership or invest in any fancy type of sports equipment. You need reduced space to do these exercises and can achieve numerous positive effects with them both from a health perspective and in terms of overall looks. This is what makes bodyweight exercises so appealing and effective in the long run.

Overcome limitations: water workouts
Next years is also one in which overcoming limitations is the new purpose. As far as the fitness world is concerned, this can be achieved by no longer restricting sports to the land but rather consider diversity in your daily workout activities. Swimming is known to be highly beneficial for our body so it is not a bad idea to includeit in your fitness exercise routine.
Also, nowadays there are all sorts of new ways in which you can have fun and work your body on water. Just imagine new circuit classes in the pool that involve effective timed sprints, aqua jogging and serious planks by the side of the pool.

Floating Yoga for Body and Mind Balance
2017 could not have taken the benefits of yoga out of the equation as far as the fitness world is concerned. Regular yoga routines are still in trend and will be possible to be performed differently next year. Practicing it on boards might just become the next best trend to consider. Just imagine yourself doing your yoga stretches, gentle martial arts moves and Pilates while balancing on elevated boards in professional fitness studios.
All in all, the main trend in the future is to exercise as much as possible to help your body remain healthy, active and ready to face any new challenge. Rely on the benefits of effective daily fitness routines and lecithin capsules to improve your overall health condition.


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