Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2017

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After 6 years of book blogging and heavy participating in reading challenges, I plan to simplify things in 2017 and participate in very few reading challenges.

To reduce the number of books that have been for too long collecting dust on my shelves or clogging my Kindle and Nook, I will try to climb up a high mountain this year, and I chose Mt. Ararat, that is, 48 books from my TBR.

I don’t know yet exactly which books I will read, but they will be from this list.
Plus from religious titles, I have a whole bunch of them on my shelves as well, but I’m not going to count them for the challenge, as I plan to keep those; whereas all the following titles, I plan to give away once they are read and reviewed.

titles in bold: reading now or starting very soon
written in orange: read
written in blue with link: read and reviewed


A) Received at BEA

1. Two Days Gone
2. Britt-Marie Was Here
3. Coffin Road
4. The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper
5. Deadly Affection
6. Looking for The Stranger
7. The Golden Key
8. The Hidden Keys


9.            The Discovery of France
10.          Brodeck
11.          Chourmo
12.          Eiffel’s Tower
13.          The Emperor of Paris
14.          Fatale
15.          I Always Loved You
16.          The Investigation
17.          Joie de vivre
18.          Labyrinth
19.          Lovers at the Chameleon Club
20.          The Most Beautiful Book in the World
21.          On Rue Tatin
22.          The Piano Shop on the Left Bank
23.          The Queen’s Lover
24.          Seven Houses in France
25.          Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t be Wrong
26.          Solea
27.          They Eat Horses, Don’t They?
28.          Three Women in a Mirror
29.          Total Chaos
30.          Vie Française
31.          The Woman with the Bouquet


32.          The Bridge on the Drina
33.          The Screwtape Letters – audio
34.          The Complete Sherlock Holmes


35.          Wanderlust
36.          Eventide
37.          The Brothers of Gwynedd
38.          Defy The Night
39.          Everything I Never Told You – audio
40.          The Miniaturist
41.          The Obituary Writer
42.          The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards
43.          While Beauty Slept
44.          The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop
45.          The Bastard of Istanbul
46.          The Birds of Heaven
47.          Born on a Mountain
48.          Crazy Mountain Kiss
49.          Fame
50.          Fear in the Sunlight
51.          The Instructions
52.          The Lighthouse Road
53.          The Master
54.          The Meagre Tarmac


55a.         Ensemble, c’est tout
55b.        Le voyage d’Octavio
56.          Moderato Cantabile – CClub
57.          La Nuit sacrée
58.          Qumran
59.          Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifique
60.          La Vie mode d’emploi – CClub
61.          Gaspard, Melchior & Balthazar – CClub



62.          The Great and The Good
63.          The Little Paris Bookshop
64.          The Muralist
65.          Oswald
66.          The Rare Earth Exchange
67.          Under the Channel


68.          The Shadow of the Cross
69.          Death Comes for the Archbishop – CClub
70.          The Great Themes of Scripture
71.          The Silence of Bonaventure
72.          The Blessing Way
73.          The Lottery
74.          The Immortal Rules
75.          One Ordinary Day with Peanuts
76.          Walden – CClub


77.          L’archipel d’une autre vie
78.          Petit pays
79.          Concerto pour quatre mains
80.          Un trou dans la toile
81.          L’homme aux cercles bleus
82.          La fille de Brooklyn
83.          L’énigme des blancs manteaux
84.          Hhhh
85.          La petite femelle
86.          Xenia
87.          Vers la sobriété heureuse
88.          Arthur
89.          La bicyclette bleue
90.          Consuelo
91.          Dans l’oeil du cyclône
92.          La délicatesse
93.          Demain
94.          Désert
95.          Le détour
96.          Dictionnaire des idées reçues
97.          Fantômas – CClub
98.          Les heures du soir
99.          La horde du contrevent
100.       L’hôtel des deux mondes
101.       La louve de France
102.       La modification
103.       La prisonnière
104.       La quête bleue
105.       SAS contre CIA
106.       La vie en mieux

GOAL of 48

Total read= 22/48



















21 thoughts on “Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2017

  1. I’m only doing Mt.TBR in 2017. There is just too much clogging up these tech toys. Of course, I’m also doing my usual GoodReads challenge


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  3. You’re so organized, Emma! I thought of listing my prospective books – and maybe I will, this can be gentle nudge towards making the list. Slave driver Guy might give me a hard shove and cinch the matter. I haven’t made a blog post yet, but have made a thread at Goodreads. I’m using my “Want to Read” shelf there as the basis. When I was looking over it to decide my level, I noticed a lot of books I use for reference, letters, biographies, etc which, like you, I will be keeping, so I won’t count them. That would lessen the list.


    • When I feel overwhelmed by something (TBR or other), I make lists, to prioritize and handle things day by day. I knew I had so many books on my shelves, I needed to see clearly what to read or get rid of. Hence the list. On Goodreads, you can also create a special shelf for reference

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