Top Ten New to me authors

Top Ten New to me authors
I Read For The First Time In 2016

TTT for December 6

It was hard to pick only 10, so among all my favorite new authors this year (55 so far), I chose the ones that I would really want to read again.

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Have you read any of these?
Which one is your favorite?
What new great authors
did YOU discover in 2016

16 thoughts on “Top Ten New to me authors

  1. Ahhhh you hadn’t read any Ursula Le Guin before?? I’m so excited for her! Her Earthsea series is much, much different from most of the rest of her works (as they tend to by sci-fi leaning), but she’s got great writing and the Earthsea series holds a special place for me since it was a childhood favourite!


    • so you definitely recommend I read the whole series then? I also plan to read some of her scifi. Which one would you recommend? I know I can’t believe it only took me 50 years… Though I have the excuse that I don’t think she was that popular for French kids when I grew up


  2. Fifty-five is a lot of new authors. Thank you for sharing your favorites.

    Next year you will be on my list of new authors. I have A Light to Enlighten the Darkness on its way to me.


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