Spotlight and giveaway: The Shadow of the Cross

The Shadow of the Cross
Part 1: Imprisonment


Dmitry Yakhovsky


– 1243, near Carcassonne, France –

Shrouded in darkness is the history of a time of terror. A time when people lived in fear, were divided, conquered and enslaved. The state was the church, and the church was the law; when justice was the tool of the self-seeking, and when imprisonment and poverty weren’t enough to satisfy the enemy’s appetites…

Featuring the stunning artwork of Dmitry Yakhovsky, this debut graphic novel is a bold undertaking. The novel is a complex and visually inspiring epic based in history, and will thrill with its masterful depth of imagery.

ISBN: 978-84-945937-3-4
34 pages
Published by MadeGlobal Publishing

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About the author

Dmitry Yakhovsky is an extremely talented artist who has been working with MadeGlobal Publishing to create some of our stunning cover artwork. However, he has now taken the step to publish his graphic novel with MadeGlobal, and this is only the start of a very exciting future…

He is studying for an art degree in Belarus, and has an insatiable need to draw everything he sees. His graphic novel series “The Shadow of the Cross” is stunning to look at. Through his artwork he brings situations and stories to life.

Visit his Website to see his gorgeous art. See here a few of his works for this book

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