TAG: My dream library

My dream library

I usually refuse to do that type of things, but when I was tagged by Emily, a French book blogger at A Livre Ouvert, I could not resist. How could I? My house is less than 900 sq feet, and I love books. So of course, it’s easy to dream about a house with a nice big library room. So here it is:

1. To be able to have a library, you first need a house (or a large apartment). Where would your dream house be?

I love nature, birds, quiet, trees, and calm water. My dream house has always been a log cabin, near a lake, in a rather warm region, where I could often sit outside. It could be something like that:

2. Now that you have the house, where’s the library?

My dream house is simple and has only one floor. My library is in a quiet corner, away from the kitchen and the bathroom, for a maximum of silence. It’s oriented south, with two large windows upon either on the lake, on the garden in the back of the house, with clear view of bird feeders and bird houses. And the forest right there, in the background.

3. What type of shelving would you use?

Some nice built-in shelves on two walls, though I would stain them with a darker warmer color. Please note they are not very high, and not floor to ceiling: I do not want to use a ladder, not convenient for when I get up in years…

4. Three pieces of furniture you would absolutely want to have in your library (apart from shelves and reading chair.

I mentioned earlier two large windows. I would have a special reading nook for each window, like here below. Actually, there might even be another nook when I want to feel more cozy:

lib4     furniture2

So built-in bookcases on 2 walls, 2 windows on 1 wall. In a corner, I would love one of these trees. And on the fourth wall, some original shelving to showcase something, or maybe just for the pile of books I’m currently reading:

 book tree   shelf3

Oh, and I would need some very good lamps for evenings. To stay with the wood theme, as it would be in a log cabin, remember, something like this would be very nice:


5. What would you ideally classify your books?

As I would have two walls, one would be for nonfiction, then by genres and alphabetical order of authors. The other wall would be for fiction, by alphabetical order of author.

6. What do you consider absolutely necessary to display on your bookshelves besides the books?

Maybe just a few of my hand painted rocks, but that’s it, to make it much easier to dust, and also to make access to the books very easy.

7. If you had an unlimited budget, what collector’s book would you add to your library?

A medieval copy of the Bible with gorgeous illuminations. With a special shelf to display it.

chair1 chair2

8. What would be THE reading seat you would absolutely dream to have?

I’m going to cheat. As this will be a fairly large room, I’m allowed to have two, right? To use depending on the mood, either serious and super convenient or the lazy relax version.

9. Who’s allowed to enter?

When I’m reading, my husband only, or a very quiet friend. Not someone who turns the pages nervously and noisily!

10. To conclude, describe your dream library in one paragraph.

Well, as an artist, I prefer to describe with pictures, so I think the ones I chose give you a fair idea.
I would also like to add that even though I played the game as I was invited to, I live in a small house, with not too much room for many books, and I’m very happy with what I have. I have fun meeting all the authors I want in my public library.

And finally, I’m going to tag 4 book bloggers: Lucy at The Fictional 100, Chris at WildmooBooks, Deb at Readerbuzz, and Lesley at Under My Apple Tree.

Feel free to do post about your dream library, even if you have not been tagged, and let me know what it would be like!


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