Brona’s Salon: The Other Einstein


Brona’s Salon is a new meme which aims
to gather a group of like-minded bookish people
‘under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another
and partly to refine the taste
and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.’
She provides a few prompts to inspire our conversation.
However please feel free to discuss your current read
or join in the conversation in any way that you see fit.
Amusement, refinement and knowledge will surely follow!


Eiffel Tower Orange

What are you currently reading?


How did you find out about this book?

I received it at Book Expo America in 2016 in Chicago.

Why are you reading it now?

It was published this month, and I am slowly but surely going through all the books I brought back from BEA

First impressions?

This is really excellent. Great descriptions of the social context, of landscapes, the characters are so real.

Which character do you relate to so far?

I relate a lot to Mileva, yo her thirst of knowledge and learning.

Are you happy to continue?

Totally. This book is worth the hype it got at BEA. Plus the author sounded so interesting when I heard her there at a panel. The opposite of the hype around another book that disappointed me so much!

Where do you think the story will go? 

Looks like Mileva will have less and less access to the fun of learning and that she may remain in the shadow of her famous husband, even though she must have contributed a lot to what he discovered, thanks to her own input and her genius talents in maths.


8 thoughts on “Brona’s Salon: The Other Einstein

  1. Is this one pure fiction or fictionalised bio? It sounds interesting.
    I posted my Salon early this month, but the linky is live for a month. I’m aiming to do a Salon in the middle of the month, with a little flexibility around the date & plenty of linky time, so that hopefully it will work for most people.

    Thanks for joining in 🙂


  2. What am I reading now? It’s a novel I suspect few people will have heard of because it’s from a small publishing company in Wales. it’s called Black River and is about a journalist who is aghast at the way his Fleet Street colleagues are reacting to a tragic event where more than a hundred people died. Not happy reading!


    • sounds tough, I found other reviews. They have not taken the time to list it on Goodreads, and there’s no summary on the amazon page. Sad, this just takes a few minutes to do, and that good attract more readers


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