Orthodox quotation #8


is a meme featuring quotations
from Orthodox books I have enjoyed

orthodox-quotation-8click on the quotation to access my review of the book

4 thoughts on “Orthodox quotation #8

  1. In a world which becomes stranger to me by the minute, especially with all the tweets and upset about the presidential candidates, I am refreshed by your post. How healing it is to me to reflect on God’s qualities. Thank you.

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    • Thanks for your nice comment. Yes, I thought it would be good to post about the deepest me. Aside from fiction, I always read one Orthodox Christian book, and I thought it would be nice to share my favorite quotations. Have a nice Sunday.
      The Bishop and priests of the Church I belong to just expressed their resolution, as they met during their annual retreat (ROCOR, diocese of Mid-America).
      I appreciate their wisdom, away from all the insanity posted on social medias, without any critical thinking:
      “Apostle Paul instructed us that we should pray for our civil authorities and armed forces, as we do at each of our Divine Services, and trust that the Lord will guide them in their duties. While the Church thus separates itself from politics, it is not beholden to or fearful of the political process, and it continues to support and affirm the traditional moral values of the Faith which endure for all ages and are not effected or overturned by political parties and platforms, or by popular electoral outcomes.”
      All is ultimately in the hands of God

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  2. A beautiful quote. I have read scholars (Robert Barron, for one) who say that much confusion arises from thinking of God as one being among many, on the top rung of a uniform ladder of being that includes ourselves. Instead, God is of a different order, transcending our being while at the same time being the foundation and support of all that is. But of course, anything one tries to say about God misses the mark; your quote embodies that paradox so well but still says so much.


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