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First Summer Blog Festival

I’m thrilled to be featuring today the first summer blog festival: Blogival.

And the author stopping at Words And Peace today is James Chilton with his book: The Last Blue Mountain

The Last Blue Mountain

The Last Blue Mountain:
Tales of a Travelling Englishman

384 pages
Published March 16th 2015
by Clink Street Publishing

From Gabon to Guyana, Shangri La to Kamchatka, through rainbow markets and exuberant rainforests, across impressionist landscapes and a high altitude desert, author James Chilton’s delightfully diverse collection of travel writing will whet the appetite and feed the imagination. The Last Blue Mountain takes readers far off the beaten tourist tracks and onto uncharted trails of natural beauty and cultural diversity. Chilton reveals his enthusiasm for travel – he’s visited some seventy-eight countries to date – and his love of food, beauty, flora, fauna and, above all, the people he meets along the way. Witty, articulate and with sharp observations, his engaging and often humorous snapshots are illustrated throughout with evocative pen and ink sketches.

Buy the book:

James Chilton

Born in Burma, James escaped the country the day before the Japanese captured Rangoon. Educated at Winchester, he served with 1st Royal Dragoons in the Middle East and Malaya before returning to England to work in advertising and real estate. James has built six schools in remote areas of Burma where he is a trustee of HEAL Kids Foundation which cares for disadvantaged children. When not designing gardens or sketching he is an accomplished photographer, particularly of tribal cultures, and has lectured at the Royal Geographical Society, London and in Oxford. 

He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and his labradors.

Visit his website

Watch an interview where James speaks about his book:

by James Chilton

My Top Five Travel books

  • Travels in a Thin Country by Sara Wheeler – this is as you may notice from the title is based in and around Chile and was one of the first travel books representing this country. The fact it was first published in 1995 and it’s still most people’s go to book is impressive especially as there’s been plenty on Chile since then. It’s funny, informative, elegant, evocative and you really wish that you’d been there with Sara before tourism really took of!
  • The Golden Earth by Norman Lewis
    This is based in Burma which is a country extremely close to my heart and has an extremely complex political and social history. This book is a classic from one of the best travel writers I’ve ever read.
  • The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
    was written from a viewpoint of Byron’s travels in the early 1930’s as he travelled through Beirut, Jerusalem, Baghdad, and Teheran to Oxiana. It offers a wonderful record of his adventures, but also a rare account of the architectural treasures now inaccessible to most Western travelers. It’s matchless writing, erudite and witty
  • Brazilian Adventure by Peter Fleming
    This is an Incredibly entertaining book, packed with foolhardiness, observation and adventure it is truly unique as it follows Flemings adventures. Just read the first lines of the synopsis and you’ll be hooked: “In the summer of 1925 Colonel Fawcett – soldier, spy and legendary explorer – embarked on a journey into the dark and uncharted heart of Brazil in search of the lost ‘City of Z’. He was never seen again. Rumours abounded – that Fawcett had been killed by Indians or wild animals or that he had lost his memory and become chief of a cannibal tribe – and many became obsessed with discovering what had become of him. In 1932, when ‘The Times’ advertised for ‘guns’ to join an expedition to find Fawcett, the lure was too great for a young Peter Fleming and he immediately signed up, intending to send dazzling dispatches from the jungle.” If only this had happened when I was younger I would have been there like a shot.
  • Wild Coast by John Gimlette
    This is about Guiana which is a little explored area between Orinoco and the Amazon. This book is absolutely hilarious, beautifully written, packed with information and empathy

Thanks James for these wonderful book recommendations. Travel literature is the best for the Summer! And thanks for offering a book.


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