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Tainted Tokay

Tainted Tokay

the latest book  in the Winemaker Detective Series,

Jean-Pierre ALAUX and Noël BALEN

is here!

Celebrating the success of the Cooker Guide, the Winemaker Detective Benjamin Cooker takes a cruise down the Danube with his wife and editor. Enjoying mythic Tokaji wines in Budapest, all is not what it seems. Meanwhile, Virgile must handle the business in Bordeaux, while Alexandrine is attacked.

France Book Tours just read it and found it one of the best in the series!

Here is what the publisher is sharing today about it:

12 Facts You Can Steal:
Bordeaux, Cork Taint, Transylvania,
Tokay and more

As readers know, the Winemaker Detective series offers an immersive experience in both French countryside and winemaking, with some gentle mystery on the side. In the most recent addition to the series—Tainted Tokay—Benjamin Cooker travels abroad to Hungary while his trusty assistant Virgile stays at…

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