Sunday After BEA16

After sharing about my book haul and several book bloggers I was so thrilled to finally meet (alas, I missed many more!), time for a broader picture and for telling you all about the ideas I brought back.

First, a few pictures of the background. We were meeting at McCormick Place, a huge center with 4 major buildings. Here are pictures taken from the West building where BEA was held:

 McCormick Place

0513161434 bridge

And one more impressive line:

line at BEA

And some awesome huge banners:

   0512160843 banners

Louise Penny

It was cool seeing for real, not only bloggers, but famous authors:

 Emily Giffin    Hervé Tullet

It was fun greeting Hervé Tullet in French. I talked about his fun children book Press Here on this blog.
And this lady seems just as nice in reality as in her writing or social media profile:

Louise Penny

As I prefer to listen to Louise Penny‘s series, I let others grab her print ARC.

My first stop on the floor was to this most generous press: Other Press. They have been sending me books regularly, so I absolutely wanted to see them and thank them, and they were also so generous at the booth, plus I spoke with Mona in French:

Other Press Mona Bismuth

Some other cool signs:
0512161002 Europa Press

A book tower, almost gone (originally twice higher):book tower


BEA is books, and much more!

  Eiffel Tower  old typewriter
To build a 3D Eiffel Tower with little wooden pieces.
And using an OLD typewriter
to fill in a form on a tablet, so cool!

And fun signs:

  0513161047 Cat education
Cat education, seen on the bathroom door.
And an ad at one of many Chinese booths

Come back tomorrow, I’ll share about ideas I brought back!