Sunday After BEA16: discoveries


Sunday After BEA16

After sharing about my book haul and several book bloggers I was so thrilled to finally meet (alas, I missed many more!), time for a broader picture and for telling you all about the ideas I brought back.

First, a few pictures of the background. We were meeting at McCormick Place, a huge center with 4 major buildings. Here are pictures taken from the West building where BEA was held:

 McCormick Place

0513161434 bridge

And one more impressive line:

line at BEA

And some awesome huge banners:

   0512160843 banners

Louise Penny

It was cool seeing for real, not only bloggers, but famous authors:

 Emily Giffin    Hervé Tullet

It was fun greeting Hervé Tullet in French. I talked about his fun children book Press Here on this blog.
And this lady seems just as nice in reality as in her writing or social media profile:

Louise Penny

As I prefer to listen to Louise Penny‘s series, I let others grab her print ARC.

My first stop on the floor was to this most generous press: Other Press. They have been sending me books regularly, so I absolutely wanted to see them and thank them, and they were also so generous at the booth, plus I spoke with Mona in French:

Other Press Mona Bismuth

Some other cool signs:
0512161002 Europa Press

A book tower, almost gone (originally twice higher):book tower


BEA is books, and much more!

  Eiffel Tower  old typewriter
To build a 3D Eiffel Tower with little wooden pieces.
And using an OLD typewriter
to fill in a form on a tablet, so cool!

And fun signs:

  0513161047 Cat education
Cat education, seen on the bathroom door.
And an ad at one of many Chinese booths

Come back tomorrow, I’ll share about ideas I brought back!



8 thoughts on “Sunday After BEA16: discoveries

    • OMG, her mysteries are such high quality writing. Though because almost all books (12 so far) take place in the same village in Quebec, and there’s a neat evolution in the characters and the relationships between them, I would highly recommend to read them in order, I think you would get so much more from them. And if you like audiobooks, you HAVE to listen to them, choose with the narrator Ralph Cosham, superb. Alas, he died recently, so the latest books in the series are by another narrator.
      Here is the list of the titles in order;


  1. The Europa display is so beautiful! Probably because of their tasteful, stylish covers. And I know someone (@IsiOrejas) who will simply love seeing that Underwood typewriter/tablet display. She collects and uses manual typewriters. Thanks for sharing so much delightful news about the BEA. Lovely to see such happy swarming around books, print and otherwise!


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