BEA16 day 1


BEA16 Day 1

And so today was my first day at my first EVER live BEA – instead of ArmchairBEA – which is very nice too!

It was really neat to meet face to face book blogger sI have followed for a while or recently, for instance

Today, I exclusively stayed with the Bloggers Conference.
I’ll do later a post on the keynote, the two morning panels, and what I learned at the 3 table talks I participated in after noon.totebag

The crowd is mostly young (one of our panelists was 17), but there are a few other white hair here and there.
Most of the giveaways today were aimed at YA, which I do not read too much, so I didn’t get these.
There will be plenty of ARCs to grab tomorrow and Friday, and I plan to be very picky and not to bring back home 200 books.

But I did get a cool tote-bag. Can you guess which title I just wrote on it??

The McCormick building is huge (we are actually in only one of the 4 buildings), but very clear signs, no way to get lost, and the wireless was fabulous today.

The one regret I have: a very poorly designed BEA website, super NON-user-friendly, so it was really hard to find information on all things going. So I had never read about the “speed dating“, and of course, too late to register for that.
Another fun fact I discovered today as  a newbie: it never made sense to me why so many people would line up for so long to get book signing. Well, I thought you had to buy the book. Only today did I discover that actually most of the books offered for book signing sessions are free!! Now, that makes sense, maybe so obvious that no one seemed to have ever mentioned that fact, lol.

Time to look closely at my schedule for tomorrow!
More feedback tomorrow night

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