Free book today until Friday

Bonjour mes amis,
To add some fun to your Spring,
I wanted to be sure you knew about this great deal!

Free book today until Friday

The Sword of the Maiden

The Sword of the Maiden,
by Kathleen C. Perrin
is free
from today May 2 to May 6

Eiffel Tower Orange

This book is a gem!
Are you a Francophile?
Do you love historical novels, YA books,
with time travel and fantasy elements,
and a touch of romance?
Then this smart and fun book is definitely for you!
And remember, it’s free!!

So why wait?
Go and download it right away!

AND there’s an extra deal,
see below

After being abruptly separated from Nicolas le Breton during the battle to save Mont Saint Michel in 1424, Katelyn Michaels finds herself back in her normal twenty-first century life as an American teenager.

Depressed and anxious to be reunited with Nicolas, she is comforted when a series of events and impressions lead her to believe she is being prepared for another mission as a Watchman.
When her beloved mentor, Jean le Vieux, comes to her in a dream and gives her the injunction to “Learn of the Maiden and take her the sword,” Katelyn understands that her mission involves assisting one of the most iconic figures in all of French History.
Katelyn is once again whisked back to the turmoil of medieval France during the Hundred Years’ War and to Nicolas.
However, before the two can consider the future of their relationship, they must first complete their mission to take the sword to the Maiden. Little do they know that their old nemesis, Abdon, is already on their trail and will do everything in his unhallowed power to stop them

Write a a short review of this book on Amazon before June 30,
send the author an email (
informing her that you have posted a review,
and you will be entered into a drawing to win
an official medal purchased on Mont Saint Michel!
Look how precious they are:
3 winners will be selected on June 30

The Sword of the Maiden Kathleen C PerrinVisit Kathleen Perrin’s website for beautiful pictures
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