Guest-post and giveaway: Jeanette Watts – Wealth & Privilege


Guest-post and giveaway:
Jeanette Watts

Historical Fiction
2013 / 2015

Book One (Wealth & Privilege)

Boy meets girl, falls in love at first sight. Oops, she’s already married. Bad planning. She becomes a friend and a muse, helps him find his voice. He knows that no one gets to capture their own muse, but he can dream, can’t he…?

 Book Two (Brains & Beauty)

Girl meets boy, falls in love at first sight. Kind of unfortunate for a married woman. He becomes her best friend, the only man in her life that she can really count on. She wishes there could be more to it. There can’t be, but she can dream, can’t she…?

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Why Book Covers are So Important

We all know the old expression ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover.’ I do love the proof of that which goes something like “My math textbook had pictures on the cover of people having fun…”  However, let’s face it. People are going to judge your book by its cover.  It’s just a fact of life.

A book cover is a first impression. It’s an invitation. If the cover isn’t interesting and inviting, why would anyone want to pick it up and look inside? It needs to be compelling.

Sometimes that can be done with subtitles. This is mostly used for non-fiction. To use the math book example, if the title is “Algebra,” that’s kind of dry. Readers will be more likely to voluntarily look inside if it says “Algebra: Understand Me, and You Understand the Universe.” Or how about “Statistics: Everything You Need to Know to Win Every Argument You Ever Get Into.”

These titles make a promise, and of course you have to deliver. But the cover for a work of fiction makes a promise, too. If the cover has a half-undressed woman or a man with a lot of naked torso on it, there had better be some steamy love scenes inside.

A book cover is also, in a completely different way, a representative sample of what will be found inside. If the cover is unprofessional and looks slapped together, it’s a suggestion that the contents are probably also unprofessional and slapped together. How many typos can be found on each page? In a world where self-publishing runs rampant, readers are looking for a way to sift the wheat from the chaff.  If the blurb on the back is poorly-written, readers are going to assume that the contents are going to be equally bad.

In the end, it’s all about sales. It’s hard enough to sell a book – don’t let your cover get in the way of making sales.


Jeanette Watts is a dance instructor and performer of many different kinds of dance, a costumer, a former television producer, and a big softie who can’t learn to say no when people need help with their festivals. It makes it really difficult for her to get time to write.




Twitter: @JeanetteAWatts    



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