The top 11 Books to read in March 2016

Here are

The top 11 books I plan to read
in March!

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     Le temps retrouvéToward the endless day

The Sword of the Maiden  How To Talk About Places You've Never Been

Confessions of a Young Novelist

Le Temps retrouvé= excited to be finally reading the very last volume of In Search of Lost Time!
Toward The Endless Day= awesome biography of the most famous French Orthodox woman theologian.
The Sword of the Maiden = I usually do not read time travel, but this is so so well done!
And fabulous historical novel and mystery at the same time.
I loved so much book 1 in the series, The Keys of the Watchmen,
I’m thrilled to read the sequel. So far, just as fabulous!
I know, this is ridiculous to have so many books going on at the same time,
but, I can’t resist when something good jumps at me!
How To Talk About Places You’ve Never Been = by a French author I’m just discovering!
Fabulous reflection on writing, on fiction and reality, with great wit!
I savor it like good wine, one chapter/day!
Confessions of a Young Novelist = since the regrettable passing away of the Master, Umberto Eco,
I have read a few amazing essays by him.
And then I saw this book. I’m reading also just a few pages a day.
So deep and funny, as he knew how to write



Too Close to the Edge   The World Between Two Covers

The Vegetarian  Oswald

Too Close to the Edge = Netgalley has another by Pascal Garnier available!
Who could resist? Not me!
The World Between Two Covers, by the blogger who read one book
for each country represented at the Olympics
The Vegetarian = intrigued by this South Korean novel,
probably outside my comfort zone, which is always a good thing
Oswald, Return of the King = I have announced it many times,
hopefully I will finally read it this month!


    Thirsty Dragon  How the Light Gets In

Thirsty Dragon:
China’s Lust for Bordeaux and the Threat to the World’s Best Wines
= the subtitle is clear enough.
Quite enlightening!
How the Light Gets in =
starting to look in dismay at how few I have left in the series!


12 thoughts on “The top 11 Books to read in March 2016

  1. So many excellent choices, and ones I want to put on the top of my TBR. Especially How To Talk About Places You’ve Never Been and The World Between Two Covers. I too was sad to learrn of Eco’s passing. The selection you made among his works seems an excellent way to remember him. And I agree about The Sword of the Maiden: it’s keeping up that high pitch of interest and excitement of the first book!


    • wow, good luck. I don’t think I would ever want to read Proust in English, must be tough! I think his best book is book 1 anyway, so you my not have to read the whole 7 books. Some are super boring, and I DO love books where nothing happens!


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