BBAW 2016: Day 4


Book blogger Appreciation Week#BBAW

Book Blogger
Appreciation Week

Day 4


Day 4: How do you stay connected to the community? Examples: social media, regular commenting, participation in blog events, etc. Tell us your faves!

Here are  in order of importance for me right now (things change) how I stay connected to the book blogging community:

  1. Answering comments on my blog

  2. Visiting blogs and commenting there

  3. Connecting with book bloggers who participate in my virtual book tour company: France Book Tours.

    Feel free to feel in the form saying what genres you are interested in.

    All the books are in English, but set in France, all kinds of genres represented.

    You get a free book to review, you choose what book, you post the review on your blog, and for most tours, you get a big chance to win a $15 gift card!

    Right now we just have 1 spot available for the latest book by MJ Rose coming out in July! The first who fill in the form on this page will get it.

    And we have another great historical novel by Kathleen C. Perrin for end of March

  4. social media (see below)

  5. Taking part in memes (not every week): Mailbox Monday / It’s Monday, what are you reading? / First Chapter First Paragraph / Top 10 Tuesdays (from time to time) / Teaser Tuesday / WWW Wednesday / Friday 56 / Friday Finds / Nonfiction Friday Book Beginnings / Sunday Sentence / Sunday post (not too often these months)

  6. Taking part in reading challenges: 13 this year

  7. Taking part in other blogging events (see below)

As for social media, I mean:

  1. Twitter – and crazy Twitter parties for some events

  2. Bloglovin’ – ok, here something new: as you know it’s not easy to find the balance to read books, to review them, AND to visit other blogs (especially when you have over 400 in your RSS feed!!
    So, very recently, annoyed by the huge number of posts I had not seen, I decided to do this:
    On day 1 of the month, I visit all the blogs starting with the letter A, on day 2 those starting with letter B, etc. At least, twice a month, I’ll have a chance to go through all the new posts added. If I have time, I visit more at random. And I feel so much better!

  3. Email subscription – top left – Join 3,589 other followers!

  4. Facebook

  5. Goodreads

  6. Instagram

  7. Google +

  8. Pinterest

  9. Youtube

As for other blogging events:

  1. my favorite is Armchair BEA, BUT I should be able to the LIVE BEA this year, for the first time EVER!!! Can’t wait to meet many of you face to face!

  2. Bout of Books

  3. BBAW!

  4. Bloggiesta

  5. A month of favorites

And I probably forgot something!! Ah yes! Like occasional events like Carole, who once a month asks to link your favorite books (Carole’s Chatter), Paris in July, etc!



18 thoughts on “BBAW 2016: Day 4

  1. Wow!!! You seems like you really have a handle on staying connected! I met a ton of bloggers through reading challenges but I don’t participate in them anymore. These days my favorite ways to connect are through Twitter and IG.


  2. 400 – well that is a lot! Number 1 & 2 on your list are also my top priorities because commenting is my go to – I just feel like it’s a little more personal and comes naturally to me. It can be hard when you follow a large number of blogs to keep up with everything though – as I’m sure you’re aware!!

    Memes are also fun. I’m hoping to take part in more events and read-a-thons this year though because I feel like they give off a real community vibe and I’m forever hearing great experiences.


    • I love the concept of read-along, I took part in a few some years ago, and even organized one, but it does not work for me, either I read the book too fast, or I can’t read it at the time the readalong is going on, because of review deadlines for publishers and book tours


        • there are 2 things:
          1) you can set up your wordpress account (and I’m even self-hosting) so that each time you publish a new post on your blog, it will automatically generate a line with a link on your Twitter, facebook, google +
          2) another setting, is you can have the sharing icons displayed at the bottom of your posts. That’s not directly for you, but for your readers: when they read your post and like it, they can click on it, and it will post your post on whatever platform they choose – I have 11 icons there, even though I do not use reddit or tumblr, but if any of my reader does, it’s very convenient for them


    • and the neat thing is that you can set up your blog account (at least, I hope you can with blogspot, if not, know that you can very easily with wordpress), so that each time you post, it is automatically posted as well on FB and twitter, and google +, for instance


  3. You are really connected! Good for you! I suspect that we all find our own place that we have the time for and that we can touch base with people in the best way. I comment a lot. Don’t do the social media thing. It works for me. 🙂


  4. SO jealous you get to go to BEA this year!! That’s one of my bookish bucket list goals for sure. I signed up for 10 reading challenges last night even though I was only supposed to sign up for two more than the perpetual ones I have going. I can’t help myself!


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