BBAW 2016: day 1

Book blogger Appreciation Week


Book Blogger
Appreciation Week


Day 1 Introduce yourself by telling us about five books that represent you as a person or your interests/lifestyle.

I love this prompt, and here is what I came up with:

sisters of versailles


The Sisters of Versailles,
by Sally Christie


  •  as a reader and reviewer,
    my favorite genre
    is historical fiction

  • the book is set in France,
    my country of origin

  • it is one of the books I organized a virtual book tour for,
    at France Book Tours, my own company

La septième fonction du langage


La Septième fonction du langage,
by Laurent Binet


  • the book is in French,
    and I still enjoy
    having access
    and reviewing books
    written in my native language

  • this novel is based on linguistics
    and semantics,
    which have always been among my favorite topics

Bird Portraits

A-Z of Bird Portraits,
by Andrew Forkner



Le Promis des Highlands


Le Promis des Highlands,
by Tanya Anne Crosby



Becoming Orthodox

Becoming Orthodox,
by Peter E. Gillquist


  • after many years
    of hesitation,
    I made the jump
    and became
    Eastern Orthodox,
    8 years ago

  • this is the best book
    to explain
    the reasons of such a move




43 thoughts on “BBAW 2016: day 1

  1. I’m starting my visits at the end of the Linky List with the later arrivals like myself! I already knew some of these things about you, but congratulations on the book release today! I’m really enjoying everyone’s interesting responses to today’s prompt! I wasn’t creative with mine, so I’ll have to up my game for Days 2-5! 😉


  2. Fascinating! I don’t think I know anyone who is Eastern Orthodox (well, at least not practicing.) I know very little about it except that as a (nominal) Catholic, people of the Orthodox faith are invited to take communion during mass whereas most everyone else is asked to forgo it and accept a blessing instead. I really ought to research the reasons behind that, I’ve always wondered…


    • wow, not sure where you heard that, but not, that’s wrong. Orthodoxy is actually the faith as it was believed and practiced at the times of the very first Christians, so before all kinds of reform and additions. The book I listed explains things really well


  3. You listed such interesting books and only one that I think I’ve heard of. Wonderful. That’s what it’s all about – learning new things and making new friends. 🙂


    • I was an English teacher in France and starting early on translating texts for friends. From there, I started nonfiction, business emails, sites, documents and books for years, and then one day I translated a novel, almost for free, but that gave me exposure, and since then I’ve been super busy with that


  4. The birding book is so beautiful–cedar waxwings are my favorite and I finally saw one in my backyard this year! Glad you showed your love of nature and artistic side.

    The Orthodox books I have read/studied have played such a big role for me in a renewal of faith; as it happens, I am at a similar choice point of conversion (but to Catholicism from Methodism). I must say I am grateful for your generosity in sharing these aspects of yourself and your interests with those who know you through the lovely book blogging community.


    • So glad you saw one! They are so gorgeous. One day in Iowa, I was fortunate to see a whole bunch of them in one tree, on their migration day. It was magical!
      Hmm, interesting that you chose then Catholicism and not Orthodoxy


  5. I know so little about the Orthodox Church, but I do enjoy reading about other faiths and spiritual beliefs. I will have to look for Becoming Orthodox. Tanya Anne Crosby’s book sure looks good! I wish I knew more about birds. I know it doesn’t compare, but I was just reading a children’s book to my daughter the other night that had a variety of birds in it. We talked about the different kinds. I’ve always said I would want to be a bird in another life . . .

    Thank you for sharing more about yourself with us!


  6. Historical fiction is my favourite genre.. so we have that in common. My French is limited to what I learnt in school for 3 years. I loved the way you introduced.


  7. So cool that you are a translator! I wish my French was better. I sometimes have had to translate from French at my last job and it was tough.


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