Book Review: The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers


The Wright Brothers

David McCullough
Simon & Schuster

Published in:
May 2015
nonfiction / biography


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9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Wright Brothers

  1. I have The Greatest Journey and need to read it! I began it and then it got lost in the ever-growing push-down stack of TBRs. Now this book is another one I want to take account of–I know a couple of people who would love it.

    Although students now may not be receiving the practical training to do what the Wright brothers did, perhaps their schooling and experiences today are just what’s needed for the upcoming inventions of the future. Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy (or even a tautology)? Probably! But it does sound fascinating to learn what ingredients went into one of the most crucial modern inventions.


    • I do hope today’s students are encouraged to be creative. This is not what I’m picking up when I hear parents talking about school, but I hope I’m wrong.
      And yes The Greatest Journey is excellent


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