BOOK BEGINNINGS: Couple Mechanics

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Couple Mechanics
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I’m glad to be back!

It was Thursday, May 29, 2003, late in the afternoon. Ascension Day. Still springtime, then, but already very hot. The lawns in the park at Buttes-Chaumont weren’t blackened by the crowds but brightly colored, exuberant with noisy, active families. There were balls, beach towels, squeals, laughter, little panties drying on the grass, children running around naked or in their underwear; there was something Popular Front about it, the first paid vacations.

Ah, a park in Paris, a picnic setting. Neat, but maybe too nice to be true.
I enjoy the writing , these short very evocative sentences, actually quite characteristic of current French novels (this one is translated from the French).


At once sexy and feminist, this is a story of a woman who decides to fight for her marriage after her husband confesses to an affair with a notable politician

Juliette, a computer engineer, and Olivier, a journalist, have two young children and the busy lives of a modern Parisian couple. When Olivier confesses to having an affair, Juliette’s world is shattered.

How do you survive betrayal? Can a broken couple ever be united again? What lengths would you go to in order to save your marriage? These are the questions that this novel, with great intelligence, honesty, and humor, tries to answer. In its acute depiction of intimacy, Couple Mechanics exposes the system of forces at work in a marriage, the effects of the inevitable ebb and flow of desire, and the difficulty of being a man today.

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Eiffel Tower Orange


10 thoughts on “BOOK BEGINNINGS: Couple Mechanics

  1. it sounds interesting, but it doesn’t reflect in the first sentence.
    How are you liking it so far? I want spoilers….no wait, no spoilers…but I’m curious >.<

    Our BB


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