Year of reading 2015 part 3

And after my list of 2015 favorites,
as well as my 2015 stats,
here is to a fun wrap up:

Year of reading 2015 part 3

There are a lot of those online, but these are my favorites. The idea is to finish the sentences and answer the questions exclusively with titles I read in 2015.

Because of time limit, I won’t insert the links this year, sorry, so if you are intrigued by a title, just copy and paste it in the search button, and you will access the review.

– When I was younger I was : The Tutor
– People might be surprised to discover that I’m: The Witch of Painted Sorrows
– I will never be: The Dreanm Lover
– At the end of a long day I need: A Rue Against Murder
– Right now I’m feeling: The Tightrope Walker
– Someday I want to: Race to Tibet
– At a party you’d find me: In a Grove
– I’ve never: The Cost of Courage
– I really don’t enjoy: Cognac Conspiracies
– In my next life I want to be: Mademoiselle Chanel

– If you could go anywhere, where would you go: The City of Blood
– Your favorite form of transportation: George’s Grand Tour
– Your best friend is: The Girl on the Train
– You and your friends are: The Sisters of Versailles
– What’s the weather like: The Cruelest Month
– Favorite time of day: The Awakening
– If your life was: A Fatal Grace
– What is life to you: The Beautiful Mystery
– Your fear: The End of Days
– What is the best advice you have to give: Tell No Lies
– Thought for the Day: Speak No Evil
– How I would like to die: Close to Destiny
– My soul’s present condition: Late Harvest Havoc

I began the day with The Wright Brothers.
On my way to work I saw a Crocodile on the Sandbank
and walked by The Dead Lake
to avoid The Martian,
but I made sure to stop at The Bookseller.
In the office, my boss said : Leave No Trace
and sent me to research Suspended Sentences.
At lunch with Rodin’s Lover,
I noticed The Keys of the Watchmen
under The Tapestry,
then went back to my desk, Everyone Has Their Reasons.
Later, on the journey home, I bought The Holy Lance
because I have The Ravens;
then settling down for the evening, I picked up The Bullet
and studied The Figaro Murders
before saying goodnight to The Princess and the Goblin.

If this is not fun, what is?
Have you tried with the titles of the books you read in 2015?


In 2015, I participated in 13 Reading Challenges, and many virtual book Tours.

I finished the following challenges. (Unfortunately, I’m so far behind in my reviews that I can’t do any recap post!! This is so ridiculous, I really plan to work on that bad trend next year. But you can see the titles I read for each challenge here.

  1. Audiobook Challenge: 21/15
  2. Books on France: 40/25
  3. Ebook Challenge: 45/25
  4. My Kind of Mystery: 34/30
  5. New authors: 56/50
  6. New Release: 54/45
  7. Books in Translation: 29/12
  8. What’s in a Name: 6/6

I did not manage to finish the following challenges:

  1. Historical Fiction: 20/25
  2. Nonfiction: 14/16-20
  3. TBR Pile Reading Challenge: 5/12
  4. Japanese Literature Reading Challenge: this goes until the end of January: 3/5 so far
  5. Still working on Where are you reading? (on all the States in the US) = currently 19/50




Here are all the reading challenges I signed up for 2016

Have you signed up yet to my own challenge for you: French Bingo 2016?

I’m FINALLY almost done with reading Marcel’s Proust work: I’m at the half of volume 6, so just one more to go after that!
After that, I’d like to read The Divine Comedy. I need some help as for the best translation, as unfortunately I have heard his Italian is tough, so I would miss a lot if I tried. But I can read in English and French, so if anyone knows what’s the best foreign translation, let me know

I may also change my blog Theme in 2016, we’ll see…

2015 was such an exciting year of reading for me, thanks to you other book bloggers, and all my readers who subscribed to this blog through email, bloglovin, wordpress, facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, instagram, youtube, and to all your comments! Thanks again for following this blog!

Happy year of reading 2016 to each of you!

Please leave the link of your post in a comment
if you did some of that fun stuff
with the titles you read yourself in 2015

4 thoughts on “Year of reading 2015 part 3

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  3. The title activity WAS fun! Your set in green type seemed particularly apt and wonderful.

    I’m not an expert on Dante but I can make a few suggestions. I first read him in the Charles Singleton prose translation, with facing Italian. It has such an amazing wealth of annotations, which really helped me. I have a 6 paperback version, with 3 for the poetry, 3 for the commentary. I am currently reading Clive James’s 2013 one volume Divine Comedy. He turned Dante’s terza rima into quatrains, but so far, I am finding it very readable; it was well reviewed, with special praise for the Purgatorio and Paradiso parts. There is no facing Italian nor any notes in James’s translation. Although I haven’t read it, I also want to recommend Robert and Jean Hollander’s recent poetic translation, which is available in 3 paperbacks. It does have facing Italian throughout, which is nice because I know enough Italian to look back and forth and appreciate some of the beauty of the original, without having to look up all the vocabulary. Hollander is a noted scholar, who has taught Dante here at Princeton for 42-years, so I would bank on his accuracy. Let me know which translation you pick!


    • ah, exactly what I needed, thank you so so very much! How come didn’t I think of asking you directly! Same here, I think I can appreciate some of the beauty of the original, without the need to check too many things in the dictionary with a bilingual edition. I’ll see what I can get around here before my decision

      Liked by 1 person

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