French Bingo 2016 My list

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Here are some of the books on France I plan to read, not sure yet how it will work with the BINGO

French Bingo 2016 card

A1: Charlatan, by Kate Braithwaite

A2: The Sword of the Maiden, by Kathleen C. Perrin

A3: The Madonna of Notre Dame, by Alexis Ragougneau

A4: Lacombe Lucien, by Patrick Modiano

A5: Murder on the Quai, by Cara Black

B1: Towards the Endless Day, by Olga Lossky

B2?: Tainted Tokay, by Alaux and Balen

B3: The Paris Librarian, by Mark Pryor

B5: Couple Mechanics, by Nelly Alard

C3?: Tainted Tokay, by Alaux and Balen

C4: The Sword of the Maiden, by Kathleen C. Perrin

C5?: Tainted Tokay, by Alaux and Balen

D2: The Rivals of Versailles, by Sally Christie

D4: The Black Notebook, by Patrick Modiano

D5: La Cache, by Christophe Boltanski

E1: Time and Regret, by M. K. Tod

E2: How To Talk About Places You’ve Never Been, by Pierre Bayard

E4: French Rhapsody, by Antoine Laurain



La petite femelle

Albertine disparue, by Marcel Proust

Le temps retrouvé


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