2016 ebook reading challenge


So far, I have not found a host to my liking for ebook reading challenges, so I’ll just list them here to keep track myself.
I’m shooting again to 25 ebooks this year.

  1. La Cache, by Christophe Boltanski
  2. The Queen of the Night, by Alexander Chee
  3. The Vatican Princess, by C. W. Gortner
  4. Messandrierre, by Angela Wren
  5. Oblivion, by Sergei Lebedev
  6. Too Close to the Edge, by Pascal Garnier
  7. Rouge vif, by Colleen Cross
  8. Lune bleue, by Colleen Cross
  9. Mise au vert, by Colleen Cross
  10. The Girl Who Stayed, by Tanya Anne Crosby
  11. Tainted Tokay, by Alaux and Balen
  12. The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction, by M. A. Orthofer
  13. The Sacred Combe, by Thomas Maloney
  14. The President’s Hat, by Antoine Laurain
  15. The Eskimo Solution, by Pascal Garnier
  16. The House Between Tides, by Sarah Maine
  17. Charlatan, by Kate Braithwaite
  18. Time and Regret, by M. K. Tod
  19. Meursault, contre-enquête, by Kamel Daoud
  20. Michelangelo’s Ghost, by Gigi Pandian
  21. The Black Notebook, by Patrick Modiano
  22. The Suicide Shop, by Jean Teulé
  23. Pancakes in Paris, by Craig Carlson
  24. Albertine disparue, by Proust
  25. Le temps retrouvé
  26. The Oregon Trail
  27. Xenia
  28. La petite femelle

20 thoughts on “2016 ebook reading challenge

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