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Dec 28 is for
#AMonthofFaves: This is How I Read – how do you pick your next book; what do you do after you’re finished reading a book (do you write a blog post, update Goodreads, put reviews on Amazon etc.; immediately start another book or let the book?)

So this is how I read, whether it’s a book in print, in digital format, or an audiobook. And I usually always have at least one of each of these 3 categories going on at the same time:


  • I usually post a picture on Instagram of the book I’m starting @wordsandpeace1
  • I also move that book on my “currently reading” Goodreads shelf
  • I start a new page on my Reading Notebook, as I take notes as I read – it makes my review writing so much easier! I also copy passages that I find would be neat to insert in my review


  • I update the info on Goodreads
  • I write down the book title and author in my Alphabetical notebook – having destroyed the one I had form my youth to 2001, I now want to be sure I have records of my reading since 2001, just in case internet explodes one day…
  • I update my Reading Recap google spreadsheet
  • and my Reading Challenges google spreadsheet – these 2 spreadsheets helps me mightily for my monthly stats and my mega stats at the end of the year
  • ideally (I still dream of doing this on a regular basis, one day I will…), I would write my review right away, but I do only when I finished the just in time to post on the date I had promised to the author/publisher


  • I read the notes I took in my notebook and underline in red what I plan in insert in my review
  • I publish my review post – this goes automatically to twitter, facebook, and Google +
  • I post my recap paragraph on Goodreads and leave there a link to my full review
  • I do the same on Babelio (the French equivalent to Goodreads) if relevant to the book I read
  • if it’s on a book I got for free by the author/publisher as an exchange for a review, I also cross-post my review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


  • I have another Google spreadsheet where I list chronologically a list of the books I absolutely need to read, if I got them for review from the author/publisher
  • If I have some time before next due schedule, then it all depends on the mood of the moment: I may choose a book on my TBR bookshelf (either the physical one or the digital one), where I have placed them in the order I feel like I absolutely want to read this book asap!
  • OR I may look at the list of Reading Challenges and see which book I should read to get closer to my goal.
  • OR I may dive into a book I saw on the shelves at the library and could not resist (I go there at least 3 times/week, it’s only 10 minutes away from my house on foot, perfect destination for a daily walk, AND it’s just an amazing place!)





6 thoughts on “A month of favorites – This is How I Read

  1. ” just in case internet explodes one day! hahah good plan! I really should get a notebook for that, too 😀 Love that your library is so close (now if you could just move in…) 😉


  2. I need to do a reading spreadsheet again–just because it’s a lot easier to copy/paste from there for my weekly and monthly roundups than to switch back and forth to Goodreads. Thanks for the reminder.

    I sometimes worry about the internet exploding (or Goodreads going away) and my list of books read going up in smoke with it. I try to convince myself it won’t happen though. I TRY.


  3. Thinking about a blog in 2016 maybe. I usually post three or more books on my reading list on goodreads. Since I am still -51 in my NetGalley list, I am working on those first right now. I keep an unfortunately haphazard “book diary” where I write title and author. This new year, I may abandon that and stick to my pinterest board ( which I started this year) . 2016 I have set up a few challenge boards as well.

    I read one book at a time. I try to update progress on GoodReads ( that app is VERY helpful for this). Most times, ARCs andgalleys have a post on GoodReads, but I’ve added a few myself this year. Then, dependant on how arrears I am, I’ll post on GoodReads, NetGalley, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If it’s an actually paper BOOK galley, I’ll write my review in Evernote on my tablet and try to keep it until I hear of release date.


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