French Bingo 2016: how do you want it to be?

Time to link your post for your French BINGO!

Do a post on your blog and send it to the Mr Linky found on

with the format: first name @ name of your blog (A1/B1/C1/D1/E1: Bingo), or whatever Bingo you did!
I will choose 1 winner among the readers who made it.

And now time to think about

French Bingo 2016

Please vote TODAY and leave a comment for your suggestions.
For instance, if you voted yes to add some categories, state what categories you would like to see there.

As a reminder, these were the 2015 categories.
It looks like no one used the categories A1 and A2!

French Bingo 2015 card




4 thoughts on “French Bingo 2016: how do you want it to be?

  1. How funny that noone used A1 or A2. I was sure that I’d used A1. I just went and double checked and of course you’re right! I am sad, and surprised that I haven’t managed to complete a bingo this year, despite reading 14 eligible books. Although just today I ordered a book with France in the title, if it arrives very soon maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to finish… I’ll be looking forward to 2016 whatever categories you choose. I read a lot of children’s book, and so would love to see a category for that.


    • I know, I didn’t cover A1 either, I thought I did, but that was last year: France on the Brink, a great analysis on France politics and economics.
      Anyway, you are the one who’ve read the most for this challenge, so I’ll send you something.
      Ah! thanks for the idea of the children’s book category! Makes me think now of other categories to add


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