A month of favorites – 5 Popular Books Worth the Hype


All December,
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I enjoyed this event last year, so I am back. I will not be able to post every day of the month, but I’ll try as often as I can.


Dec 2 is for
#AMonthofFaves: 5 Popular Books Worth the Hype

Here are 5 books I read this year that got a lot of hype, well justified according to me.
I have tried to include different genres, including nonfiction and even a book written in another language.

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Sadly, I have not yet reviewed the 2 audiobooks (I am so so late in my audiobook reviews!) included here:
Gone Girl
and H is For Hawk.
But I have reviewed:
The Martian
The Lake House
La septième fonction du langage




16 thoughts on “A month of favorites – 5 Popular Books Worth the Hype

  1. Oh, my gosh…I totally broke my rule and saw The Martian, the movie, before reading the book; I kind of forgot about the book until the movie was released! I loved the film SO MUCH that I would still really like to read the book; such a fantastic story! I’ve heard so many good things about The Lake House; this is a great list!


  2. I read The Martian three times last year! I can’t wait for his next book! Station Eleven was good, but not great – although it did get me thinking. Great list!!


    • wow, 3 times! I have hard time rereading the same book, as I have so many waiting for me. I have to say I DNFed Station Eleven. I tried the audio, maybe text would have worked better. I thought the flashbacks slowed too much the narration


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