A month of favorites – My Reading Year


All December,
Estella’s Revenge, Girlxoxo, and Traveling with T
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experiences from throughout the year.
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I enjoyed this event last year, so I am back. I will not be able to post every day of the month, but I’ll try as often as I can.


Dec 1 is for
#AMonthofFaves {My Reading Year} – eg. Number of books read so far, genre you read the most from, picture of favorite (or most often used) reading location, most read author, % eBooks, hardcovers, paperbacks and/or audiobooks, hint at what your favorite read of the year is (let us guess), types of books you wish you read more of, month you read the most and least)

As I plan to read possibly 8 more books before the end of December, with a total of about 110 books, and as I do a massive statistics post with charts and pies at the beginning of January, I cannot tally everything yet.
BUT I can already tell you that this year brought me lots of joy on the reading front.

Number of books

So far, I have read 98 books, my goal was 100


I often say my favorite genre is historical fiction, but if I look at my stats so far this year, numbers tell another story more my biggest categories:

  • general/literary fiction = 28
  • mysteries = 26
  • historical fiction = 15
  • nonfiction = 12

Out of 98 books, 19 are audio and 35 are ebooks (18 ebooks last year!)

Fun timeline

And here is a fun timeline:

JANUARY= when I finally discovered Elizabeth Peters!
FEBRUARY= when I finally got to listen to Gone Girl!
MARCH= when I read the most pages = 3218, that is an average of 103/day. That day, I also read 4 historical novels
when I read and translated in French my first novel by author Tanya Anne Crosby, Speak No Evil
MAY= when I read my highest number of books = 11. And read 3 nonfiction
JUNE= when I devoured 2 audiobooks by Louise Penny in a same month
JULY= when I finally read The Woman in White
AUGUST= when I listened to my highest number of audiobooks = 6, and read/listened to 5 mysteries
SEPTEMBER= when I eagerly read the latest book by Selznick: The Marvels. Awesome!
OCTOBER= when I read my lowest number of books = 4
NOVEMBER= when I did not manage to finish 1 audiobook!
DECEMBER= when I need to start reading books already scheduled for review in 2016!!


I usually don’t think about THE favorite book of the year
– though looking back now, my favorite in 2014 was probably the one from the Historical fiction – audio category:

All The Light We Cannot See

Instead I choose a favorite in 4 categories: Fiction, Historical fiction, Nonfiction, Mystery,
respectively in print, ebooks, audio, so I end up with 12 favorites, plus a favorite one in the category Religion.

Can you guess
what my 12 favorites will be this year?

Do YOU already know
what your favorite book of the year was?




14 thoughts on “A month of favorites – My Reading Year

  1. Emma, I do think that I have my favorite picked out for the year; I’ll read a few more, but I don’t think they will top the one I’ve tentatively chosen. It sounds like you’ve had a great reading year; 98 books is fantastic!


  2. I wasn’t sure what my favorite book of 2015 was at the beginning of today, but now I’m starting to narrow it down. Sounds like you had a great year!


    • it’s too hard for me to choose THE favorite of the year, with over 100 books, and I’m super picky at what I read, and don’t hesitate to DNF, so end up with a lot of goodies. That’s why I prefer to do a favorite in different categories.


  3. I’m looking forward to seeing your favorites list – I love how you break it down. And it’s a great idea to look back at the bookish highlights for each month. I’m going to try doing that next year.


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