8 Books to read in November 2015

Here are

the 8 books I plan to read in November!

Last month, I only read 6 out of the 13 planned… but it’s good to have some goals in life, right?

Click on the covers to know more


The Homilies by Palamas  Lady Agnes Mystery 1


French Illusions from Tours   The Little Paris Bookshop

Oswald   A Beautiful Blue Death


    A Rule Against Murder  The Brutal Telling


8 thoughts on “8 Books to read in November 2015

  1. I have been reading another collection by Saint Gregory Palamas, The Saving Work of Christ, which I found among your reading last year. These are called ‘sermons’ rather than ‘homilies’ and seem to be part of a series of smaller collections, by subject, also published by Mount Thabor Publishing. Your mention of the full set of homilies prompts me to go back and finish the book I have, and then read this full collection! Are the sermons I am reading part of this book, or are the homilies a distinct set of writings?In any case, a rich treasury to follow as the liturgical year is about to begin again.

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    • yes, they are the same sermons=homilies, same thing when we talk about the Fathers. The editor decided to make the big fat volume (761 pages, containing lots of notes perraining to theology that might go over the head of many people) more accessible to a wider public, so he did several volumes by theme (homilies related to Christ’s feasts, some to Mary, some on miracles, some on parables, some on the saints (here is the collection: https://mountthabor.com/product-tag/palamas-sermons/). Christopher Veniamin is a wonderful man by the way! We only have 63 homilies/sermon by Palamas so that’s it

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  2. I’m so glad I have your blog to reference for some recommendations on books on Orthodoxy. I’m reading Welcome to the Orthodox Church by Frederica Mathewes Green at the moment for my friend’s book group. It’s very easy for a beginner but I’ll be looking for something more “meaty” soon. Thanks for sharing your reads!

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    • of wow, are you Orthodox then too Cleo? This sounds like a great book club! I would recommend The Orthodox Way by Kallistos Ware, more meaty, but accessible, and also very beautifully written. He also wrote The Orthodox Church, but this one is more about history. The Orthodox Way is more about the faith, and its style is quite contemplative and poetic.
      There’s also Lev Gillet, his author’s nae is usually A Monk of the Eastern Church. Here I am already sharing about my favorite friends… Let me know what type you would like to read, and I’ll be most happy to recommend you some titles.


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