Literary quiz: The Fictional 100

A literary quiz
based on

The Fictional 100:
Ranking the Most Influential Characters
in World Literature and Legend

The Fictional 100




Author: Lucy Pollard-Gott
Publisher: iUniverse
Release date: Jan 23, 2010
Pages: 475
ISBN: 978-1440154393
Genre: Literary Criticism


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Having some common interest in literature with the author, we happened to have some online exchange, and one day Lucy generously offered to send me a copy of her impressive The Fictional 100. I decided to read a bit of it daily, and I’m really excited to be able to present this book to you. It is a unique reference book that every serious lover of books should REALLY consider reading.

Because of the special nature of this book, before offering you my review, I’d like first to start with a quiz, based on sentences found in Lucy’s book. The answers are Lucy’s, or literary critics she quotes.

Pick a pen, write your answers,
and come back tomorrow
to compare with the answers found in this book!

You can keep with fun quiz to share with your book club and encourage them to read this awesome book.

  1. Who, do you think could be considered the 3 most influential characters in world literature and legend?

  2. What are the most famous words spoken by any literary character?

  3. What is China’s most important novel?

  4. Who’s the character most often portrayed in film?

  5. What’s the national epic of India?

  6. What famous character was used as a reference after the first cloning?

  7. Who do you think was the first romantic hero?

  8. This tale, originating in China in the 9th century, has over 700 distinct variations, on 6 continents. What’s its title?

  9. Who is the most popular opera heroine of all time? She is of course first a literary character

  10. “The modern European novel reached what many believe to be its fullest expression”. What novel do you think Lucy is talking about?

  11. Which one is Africa’s best-loved novel?

  12. Between which two literary characters do you think is the greatest friendship in Western literature?

  13. What is the first Chinese novel of manners?

  14. What’s Italy’s most popular literary export?

  15. Who can be considered the first feminist in literature?

  16. Who has been called “our first modern hero”?

  17. What’s the name of the “Shakespeare of India?

  18. Name the character who is the archetypal American woman

  19. “The day it appeared, American culture was changed forever.” What’s the title of this book?

  20. What novel has been recognized as “the best romantic novel in the Spanish language”?

  21. Which character can qualify as “the dieal American girl”, “a child’s version of the pioneer woman”?

  22. What’s the first and most famous American short story?

  23. Which novel is probably the most widely read in modern Japan?

  24. Which most recent book do you think the author lists here? To give you a clue, it was published in 1987

  25. And to make it round, among what you think are your answers of these 24 questions, how many of these books have you read?


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