Great kindle tip discovery

Great kindle tip discovery

OMG, just made this amazing discovery, while helping someone setting up a kindle. You know you can send all kinds of documents directly to your kindle, thru your kindle email address, right?
I have doing it many times, it’s really cool. But documents in .pdf format are a bit of a pain, because you can’t change the FONT.

Well, here is what I just discovered today:

If you send a .pdf document to your kindle email address, just type the word convert in the subject line, and it will convert your .pdf into kindle format!!!

I tested it, it does work, this is just pure awesome.

or bear with me if you have known this for ages!

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13 thoughts on “Great kindle tip discovery

  1. Yes! I had forgotten that feature, so great tip. I also use the kindle plug-in for my browser, which appears as a little button in the toolbar. It allows me to preview and send web pages to my device in kindle format. Great for pages with lots of text I’d like to read later. It keeps the images and links!


  2. This is good to know as I had also found PDFs awkward! I recently discovered that one can do the same for Word files – perhaps everyone knows that, but I didn’t and it has been a great discovery…


    • yes, so awesome. I have sent lots to my kindle, but in pdf format. being able to read them as real kindle books, that you can adjust to whatever font size you want, and you can search through is so much better


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