Guest-post: Paris vacation with coupons?

Paris vacation with coupons?

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How Realistic is Coupon Clipping for a Paris Vacation?

People will do many things in order to save money for that perfect Paris vacation. Coupon clipping is but one method that helps these individuals stick a few dollars aside while still being able to afford their household necessities. How much would you have to clip to pay for that Paris getaway? The answer depends more on your own ability to save money.

Getting More Through Affordability

Some people armed with coupons tend to spend more on other things because they believe they can now afford them. For example, saving money on shampoo gives you extra cash to buy some of the other frivolous items you couldn’t have before such as gourmet coffee. Unfortunately, these individuals wind up spending what they save in coupons while walking down the isles of the store. In order to truly save money while using coupons, you need to get rid of the cash as soon as possible. Before you step foot into a store, move what you’ll save in coupons to your savings account and limit what you can spend while shopping.

Size of the Household

When you live alone, there is a very slim chance that clipping coupons will make a significant difference in saving for visiting Paris. Although it can still contribute a few dollars each week to the vacation, you shouldn’t center your strategy solely around coupons. You simply may not spend enough each week as a lone person as you would if you had a family of five under one roof.

Advertised Needs

Sometimes, people may get caught up in seeing discounts and coupons for items they don’t normally buy. This prompts shoppers to buy the item, which is a waste of money since it’s not a normal purchase anyway. Be mindful of items that you actually use throughout the week and only clip coupons of those products that are regular purchases. Otherwise, you’re wasting money under the guise of savings.

In reality, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to visit overseas places where you’d like to travel. In fact, there are many hotels in Paris that are comparably priced to those in the United States. While coupons may help contribute to saving money, it’s your own mentality that will prove if the effort is worth the time vested. After all, saving money on steak isn’t a real savings if you buy a 12-pack of pens that you’ll never use.

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