12 Books to read in June 2015

Time to look closely at my TBR!

  • I’m still reading a chapter a day of the first two books listed here below
  • Almost done with #3, excellent histfic so far
  • As for #4, I’m currently translating it into French
  • In A Grove is for the Japanese Literature Reading Challenge
  • The last two are audiobooks – I’m almost done with A Fatal Grace – so good, as always with Louise Penny!

Click on the covers to know more:

The Fictional 100 The Homilies by Palamas

Race to Tibet Tell No Lies

In a Grove Third rule of ten

The Woman in White The Poisoned Crown

The Illusion of Separateness The Awakening


Fatal Grace The Beautiful Mystery





8 thoughts on “12 Books to read in June 2015

  1. Excellent set of books. Fictional 100 is a marvelous book–fun to read and provided me with a host of characters I wanted to learn more about.

    The Woman in White is wonderful–one of my all-time favorite Victorian novels. I’ve read it twice, and the last time was on the 150th anniversary of its publication, following the original serialization schedule. Enjoy!

    Eventide is on my TBR Challenge list for 2015–as a Colorado native, I have to read this book!

    Fatal Grace is also on my reading list for this year–I really enjoyed Still Life and am eager to get back to Louise Penny’s Montreal.

    Happy reading!


    • thanks for taking time to comment.
      I’m so enjoying Fictional 100 a day at a time, and appalled at my lack of knowledge of the big Eastern Asian classics…
      The Woman in White: can’t believe I have not read it yet!!
      I enjoyed so much Kent Haruf’s writing in his previous book. Too bad he passed away
      Louise Penny is so amazing. You should try them as audio, the ones narrated by Ralph Cosham, amazing!
      Happy June reading to you too!


    • OMG Armand Gamache is the best detective ever: human, compassionate, quiet, thoughtful, listening to people and observing are his main tools for his investigation. I’m actually listening to them. I highly recommend the recordings with the narrator Ralph Cosham, who sadly passed away, so next books will have to be with the other narrator.


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