It’s Monday! What are you reading? 5/4/2015

it's Monday

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Can you believe or not, I’m back!
Click on the covers to know more about each book


        Look Who's BackThis will be my last novel read for the IFFP.
This is a totally hilarious staire on our society,
through Adolf Hitler, who wakes up in a vacant lot in Berlin in 2011.
One of the most funny literary novel I have read for a long time


   The Girl on the Train
Great mystery, with 3 totally unreliable narrators
— which I usually hate, but it works perfectly —
The fact that it is read by 3 different narrators help a lot.




20 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading? 5/4/2015

    • it really works beautifully in audio, with each of the 3 voices so different, also great job with the tones of voices. I discover mysteries is the best genre for me for audiobooks


  1. I listened to the audio of Girl on a Train and had the same reaction: great decision to go with three different narrators. But it made me question my wine intake 🙂 Fascinating book.


    • lol. it’s all in the proportion, trust your French friend, lol. And yes, so glad they went with 3 narrators, because with 3 voices and back and forth in time, that would have been too confusing with just 1 narrator. Next on my audio list: Station Eleven


          • I like text to speech though because it’s always consistent and the voice reader recognizes punctuation, so she reads like an audiobook. I recently tried an audiobook and the reader had an English accent, I found that I felt a little disconnected from the characters actually. Probably because I’m not used to hearing an English accent. I love being able to turn on text to speech when I take a shower, or am making food or just doing something, without having to download a whole audiobook. It just knows right where I am and reads from there. If you have audible and the Kindle book it does do the same thing. I just can’t really imagine JUST listening to an audiobook, but maybe it is because I am using Kindle text to speech. I haven’t listened to enough audiobooks to have an opinion on them one way or another.


          • good to know, I will try. It’s super easy through my public library to quickly listen to an audiobook and/or download it. They have 3 different databases, with 3 different apps, so a lot to offer. Hoopla is my favorite. I can’t sit and listen to a book, I listen each time I do something around the house, dishes, cooking, cleaning, or paint, though I haven’t had time to do that for 2 years now!!

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          • Wow that’s amazing. I love Overdrive, that’s what my library has. They do have a lot of audiobooks. I once got one and HATED the narrator immediately. I have no idea which narrators are good and which ones aren’t.


          • what you can do, is listen to a short excerpt on audible, with the narrator of the copy your library is offering. you do not need to log in or subscribe to audible (I don’t) to listen to an excerpt; A couple of minutes is enough to determine if you like the author’s voice and tone. You can see the ratings on audible – again, no need to be a member for that – I’m not, too expensive. You are sure your library only has overdrive, not hoopla? Overdrive is great too, but you often have to wait. No wait on hoopla, and sometimes, you have the same book with different narrators, so you can choose the edition you prefer, depending on the narrator.

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          • That is a great idea! I never thought to lisen to an excerpt! As far as my library goes, I don’t know if they have more than overdrive, but I’m pretty sure that’s all they have. Maybe if I did the city library rather than the one for my suburb they would have more.


          • that’s great if you have access to another library. Even if your library is connected to many others (usually they are), it becomes tricky for ebooks and audiobooks, as each library pays personally for the list of books they want available for their own patrons, so usually you can’t check out an ebook or e-audiobook from another library, even though you can check non e-books

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          • call them, or they may have a chat system on their site, lots of libraries do, and remember, librarians are usually nice people (NB: I’m NOT a librarian,lol). Yes, usually you have to live in a city to enjoy their library rights, because basically the price of library cards are paid by the residents’ taxes

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