Bout of Books 12#boutofbooks

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Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt hosted by Caught Read Handed

Scavenger Hunt picture

Find a book with the following criteria on a bookshelf:
1. Find an author with the same initials as you:
A Light to Enlighten the Darkness, by Emma Cazabonne,
and that’s actually me!! That’s the little book on top of The Fictional 100

2. Find a book with the color yellow on it:
I Always Loved You, by  Robin Oliveira
= it is actually pale yellow

3. Find an author’s name with the letter “S” in it
The Queen’s Lover, by Francine du Plessix Gray

4. Find a book with a female protagonist
Rodin’s Lover, by Heather Webb

5. Find the longest book you own
Therapy of Spiritual Illnesses, by Larchet

6. Find a book with a map in it or on it
The Unquiet Bones, by Mel Starr
= it has a map of Bampton, where the story is set

7. Find a book with a face on it (photograph or illustrated)
The Fictional 100, by Lucy Pollard-Gott
= it actually has at least 6 faces on it

8. Bonus: Find something on your shelf that isn’t a book.
These 2 owls are hand-painted by me on 1 rock.
If you want to see more of my rocks, come this way please