Books on France 2014 Reading Challenge Winner

Books on France

Jan 1- Dec 31, 2014

Time to choose the winner!

23 readers signed up for this challenge and posted 107 reviews.

Unfortunately, only 5 participants posted their wrap-up post – that’s why I decided to let go of Mr Linky and just ask you to enter your books as you read them in a comment for the 2015 Books on France Bingo Challenge

Congratulations for all the France connected books you read, this is impressive !

So I listed the names of all the bloggers as they posted their reviews (and forgot about wrap-up or not), and counted the number of entries for each blogger – I only counted when a post was really a review, and not just a presentation of various books.
I only kept those who had at least 3 entries, as this was the lowest level of the challenge.

So the list goes like that:

  1. Caravana de Recuerdos: entries 1-12
  2.  Avid Series Reader: entries 13-15
  3. Edith LaGraziana: entries 16-29
  4. A Strong Belief in Wicker: entries 30-36
  5. Brona’s Books: entries 37-40
  6. A Hot Cup of Pleasure: entries 41-44
  7. Novel Meals: entries 45-47


Books on FRance 2014 winnerTHAT IS…



A Strong Belief in Wicker

who blogs from Australia!

Congratulations Louise!

And whoever is interested in doing this challenge  in 2015,
with a fun added twist
come this way!
You can easily participate,
no need even of a book blog!



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