Book review : Daily Painting


Daily Painting:
Paint Small and Often
to Become
a More Creative, Productive,
and Successful Artist

Daily Painting

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Daily Painting:
Paint Small and Often
to Become
a More Creative, Productive,
and Successful Artistby

by Carol Marine

Publisher: Watson-Guptill/Crown Publishing
Release Date: November 4, 2014
ISBN:  978-0-7704-3533-2
Pages: 192


Source: Received
from the publisher through Blogging For Books
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 This book is extremely well organized and full of great ideas and advice, based on the personal experience of the author herself, and lots of awesome paintings to illustrate her points.
The main point is that to get better at painting, you need to do it daily, with small projects – sounds familiar to writers, right?
The author gives her testimony on how if changed her artist life to follow this practice. She also includes similar testimonies by other artists.

One thing I really liked in the format of the book is the extensive use of bullet lists. It makes it very clear and easy to read.
She also talks about the benefits of blogging, to help spread the word about your art. As an active book blogger, I totally agree.

Then she talks about:

  • the Materials she uses, with lots of concrete details, for instance what light bulb to use
  • Subjects, that is, what to paint, with great ideas again from her or from other artists, for instance keep your artist eye open when you visit your grocery store, when you walk in the street, etc
  • the chapter on Value is awesome about how to work with shading and lightness/darkness of color
  • Color Mixing
  • Drawing and Proportion. She talks about painting what you see, not what you think you see, so ignoring your brain. For instance paint from pictures holding the picture upside down. I’m definitely going to try this on my next pet portrait!
  • Composition
  • Oil painting, and the top mistakes!
  • Artist’s block, with testimonies from several other painters
  • How to take pictures of your paintings
  • and even tips for online sales!

    There’s also a short alphabetical index.
    Recommended for those who want to really get more serious about painting, and need some concrete simple advice.



 A unique system for jump-starting artistic creativity, encouraging experimentation and growth, and increasing sales for artists of all levels, from novices to professionals.

 Do you want to bring the joy back into your art?

Have you landed in a frustrating rut? Are you having trouble selling paintings in galleries, getting bogged down by projects you can’t seem to finish or abandon, or finding excuses to avoid working in the studio? Author Carol Marine knows exactly how you feel—she herself suffered from painter’s block, until she discovered “daily painting.” The idea is simple: do art (usually small) often (how often is up to you), and if you’d like, post and sell it online. Soon you’ll find that your block dissolves and you’re painting work you love—and more of it than you ever thought possible!   [from the publisher]


CAROL MARINE is an artist and the creator of the popular blog A Painting a Day (or Almost). She is a member of Daily Paintworks, a distinguished group of daily painters, and she teaches daily painting workshops around the country. Marine lives in Eugene, Oregon. Visit


What’s your personal recommendation as an artist?




2 thoughts on “Book review : Daily Painting

  1. Have your read Show Your Work? by Austin Kleon? Super quick & easy read to support creatives and the creative community. Might be a nice tag-along for this one. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to check it out.


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