a month of favorites#amonthoffaves

All December-long,
Estella’s Revenge,  Girlxoxo, and Traveling with T
will be sharing our fave bookish
(and sometimes non-bookish)
experiences from throughout the year
AND we want YOU to join us!

Attracted by Estella’s fun invitation, I have decided to join. I will not be able to post every day of the 23 days scheduled, but I’ll try as often as I can to post for


Dec 1 is for
Faves Month Introduction – About YOU and Your Reading this year (e.g. fave genre, fave author, how you read (percentage (%) physical, eReader, audiobooks), when you read, what genre did you read the most from this year, which author was most prolific on your reading list, how many books did you read, give us a clue about what your fave book read this year is – but don’t tell us – let us guess!) – link-up hosted at Girlxoxo

As I plan to read possibly 10 more books in December, and as I do a massive statistics post with charts and pies at the beginning of January, I cannot tally everything yet.
BUT I can already tell you that this year of reading has been really amazing. One reason could well be that I am getting more and more picky at what I choose to read, so I end up with gem after gem.

So far, I have read 92 books, and I may be able to reach my goal of 105!

My favorite genre is definitely historical fiction – 29 so far.

Out of 92 books, 12 are audio and 18 are ebooks.

I usually don’t think about THE favorite book of the year
– though looking back now, my favorite in 2013 was probably the one from the Nonfiction-Ebook category:

Consolations of the Forest
Instead I choose a favorite in 4 categories: Fiction, Historical fiction, Nonfiction, Mystery,
respectively in print, ebooks, audio, so I end up with 12 favorites, plus a favorite one in the category Religion.
Last year I also had one in Graphic Novel.

Can you guess
what my 12 favorites will be this year?

Do YOU already know
what your favorite book of the year was?