Blogiversary #4 today! stats

Words And Peace celebrates
its 4th blogiversary!

It has been 4 thrilling years, thanks to you, my readers!

It is so much fun interacting with you readers and co book bloggers, writers and publishers! A whole great bunch of people, with more fascinating interaction in recent comments, especially by some new comers. Welcome to all!

I have met even more of you since I launched France Book Tours in Spring 2013, a great experience.

Some recent new events here have been the launch of a monthly Newsletter, be sure to subscribe to get access to exclusive material and giveaway.
I have also left wordsads and tried to have my own ads, but sounds like I may switch to regular book retailers affiliates programs.

Now to some stats:

  • 365 books reviewed
  • 951 posts
  • 69,185 views/hits (in average 3 more per day than a year ago, of which I am happy)
  • 519 views on my busiest day: 12/11/2012 (during The 1st Annual Historical Holiday Blog Hop!)
  • top 5 countries by visits: US, UK, Canada, France, Australia

My very first post, launching this book blog

My very first review on Claude and Camille, by S. Cowell

claude and camille

Come back later on today to discover the answers
to the hunt giveaway
and see if you have won!


Thanks again
to all of you
who read this blog!

13 thoughts on “Blogiversary #4 today! stats

  1. Some wonderful achievements. The data really reinforces how valued yiur blog is by those of us who follow you (me included).. Take some time to enjoy the golden feeling and to look to the next four years of co tied success


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