Blogiversary #4! Hunt giveaway

On September 29,
Words And Peace will celebrate
its 4th blogiversary!

As promised yesterday in My Reading Life From A to Z, here is a hunt giveaway to help you celebrate my 4th blogiversary!

I was inspired to do this by the awesome Caffeinated Book Reviewer – visit her great book blog if you don’t her yet.

First things first, here are the books available to win! Click on each cover to access synopsis or review


  2909769  17402288
#1.  The Reader – brand new
#2. Dept. of Speculation – ARC, like new


  Wharf of Chartrons cover  Meadowlark Age of Desire

#3. The Wharf of Chartrons – ARC, like new
#4. Meadowlark – like new. Signed by the author with personal note to me
#5. Age of Desire – brand new

  The Third Son  10900793  Equal of the Sun

#6. The Third Son – ARC, like new
#7. The Crown – brand new
#8. Equal of the Sun – like new


After you have chosen which book you would enjoy,
please come this way to enter my fun giveaway:



 What do you like most about this book blog?
What improvement would you recommend?


Come back on September 29 for my stats
and to discover if you won!


10 thoughts on “Blogiversary #4! Hunt giveaway

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