Mailbox Monday ~ July 28

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I edited this picture
found on Pinterest.
I was not able to find it on its original site


I got 5 books this past week!

Watch my short video to know all about them and discover how I acquired them.

As a game, I’m going to give you 3 words here for each. Try to guess what the books are before watching the video!

Book #1: Paris/ Recipes / Stories

Book #2: French / Recipes/ Zucchini

Book #3: France / Cookbook/ Child

Book #4: Cat / Cheese / Dickens

Boos #5: French / Morocco / Night




Have you read any of these?
Did you receive any exciting books this past week?

28 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday ~ July 28

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  2. My wife and I have a massive cookbook collection including a fair number of French cookbooks. As you may expect we both love to cook but my wife is much more skilled then I when it comes to French Cuisine.

    Your new acquisitions all look great and I am now in the mood to cook!


    • no, they are VERY annoying, especially covering the bottom of each picture. I’m going to change and get out of word ad very soon. I hope their automatic ad will be at less important places. I cannot pay the money they want to get rid of all the ads, way too much.


      • It really bothers me too that WP wants so much money to eliminate the ads. And then more money for a nice template, and more money for a CSS upgrade, or more space, or video. If you buy all their services, it would cost more than self-hosting, and even with the upgrades they still won’t let us run scripts or advertising of our own.

        But, there is no need to see their annoying ads on any WP blog. Install the browser extension AdBlock and it will make them all go away.


  3. Nice batch of books. My Paris Kitchen is one I”d like to read. I just got my mail. Only one book, but what a book! One I won in your raffle last month. Baudelaire’s Revenge by Bob van Laerhoven. Thank you!


  4. Cute game to try to guess the books even though I didn’t know any of them. 🙂 I enjoyed your video too. The Cheshire Cheese Cat looks like fun. Bonne Lecture!


  5. I guessed three of your books! I’m very jealous for you receiving all these wonderful books this week- and that you’ve read a lot of them already. This is the first time I’ve seen a video from you- lovely to actually “see” you in person.


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