Paris in July 2014

Paris in July 2014

If you don’t have an overdose of things French with my quasi weekly meme I love France, and my Reading Challenge, Books on France, I’m planning to join a couple of girls who do something special on France every July.

Book reviews:

From Here to Paris by Cris Hammond: awesome memoir set on the canals of France!

Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer, by Vicki Lesage

Murder in Pigalle, by Cara Black

The French House, by Don Wallace

Death in Pont-Aven, by Jean-Luc Bannalec


Bastille Day 2014 in Chicago!

Mailbox Monday, July 28, with 4 books related to France!




16 thoughts on “Paris in July 2014

  1. Your’s in the third reference to Death in Pont-Aven this week! What is it that makes this one so special I wonder? cant wait for the review!


    • cool! great mix of art, world of painters, Gauguin and others who went to paint in Brittany, and a mysterious murder.It’s very well done, I love the atmosphere, the description of the landscape, of the culture of the region. not done yet, but loving it a lot


  2. I do hope no-one overdoses on French posts this month! You’ve chosen some books I dont think I’ve seen reviewed in PiJ before, so that’ll be great. I’m also really interested in how you celebrate ‘le quatorze Juliet’. Merci


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