My first novel translation


Bonjour mes amis!

As I may have told you, after over 25 years of translating non-fiction, I just finally translated my first novel!

I am of course very excited about it. But I also humbly come for your help: you see, translators are usually paid right after their translation, on the basis of the number of words translated. In this case, my pay will depend on the number of books sold…

So to practice your French and support a new fiction translator, why not purchase this ebook? It is just a few dollars.
I would really appreciate if you could also spread the news to your French speaking friends or even your friends living in France or Canada, as the ebook is available there as well, see the relevant links below. Feel free to advertise it on any social network you may use.

The title is Orgueil et honneur : la bataille pour la Saxe. It was originally written in English by Nathaniel Burns. It has about 308 pages.
It is a historical novel, translated from English to French. It is set in the Middle Ages and recounts the conflicts between Charlemagne and Widukind. It is very good in recreating the atmosphere and recounting how things shifted in Europe back then through these 2 major historical figures.

Here is the blurb:

“Pareilles à une tempête de sang, les armées de Charlemagne ravagent l’Europe médiévale, laissant dévastation et misère dans leur sillage. Elles soumettent le royaume des Lombards, battent le duché de Bavière, et menacent les Maures à l’ouest et le pape de Rome au sud.

Mais Charlemagne a des plans encore plus ambitieux : il convoite les territoires saxons au nord. Les Saxons organisent une résistance féroce et inattendue. Quand les troupes de Charlemagne détruisent le sanctuaire d’Irminsul, le saint des saints des Saxons, une lutte à mort s’ensuit. Sous la direction du légendaire duc Widukind, les Saxons se battent sauvagement pendant des décennies pour leurs croyances et leur indépendance. Et ils auront leur revanche…

Orgueil et honneur transporte le lecteur en plein cœur de cette période du Haut Moyen Âge enveloppée de légende. Dans son roman historique, Nathaniel Burns tisse une tapisserie à la fois riche et sombre de l’une des périodes charnières de l’Europe médiévale. Ses descriptions historiquement exactes, riches en détails authentiques, refont vivre devant vos yeux ce monde de conflits.

Allez, attisez le feu dans la cheminée, approchez votre fauteuil et plongez-vous dans ce merveilleux roman historique plein d’intrigues royales, de guerriers et de batailles d’une Europe révolue.”

Here are the links where you can buy my French translation:

– on ($2.99)

– on (€ 2,68)

– on (CND$ 3.26)

– on (£2.05)

– on Barnes & Noble ($3.99)

– on iTunes ($3.99)

– on Kobo ($3.99)

Thank you so much for those who supported me morally during this long translation, and for your help now if you can spare a few dollars.

I really appreciate,




17 thoughts on “My first novel translation

  1. This is super!!! A couple of years ago I was leaving in Dallas Texas, and I did the translations from English to Spanish in a local newspaper !!!! I speak Spanish that is my first language!!!
    I enjoyed that work and I missed doing it !!!!
    Your work is awesome, I can read French as well.
    I will spread the news!!! B


    • Gracias! There are lots of translation opportunities online. If you are looking for some, send me an email at ehc16e at yahoo dot com, and I’ll give you a list of safe resources where to look for translation jobs. And yes please spread the news, right now the sales are too low

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations! What wonderful news!

    I’m still intimidated by Le Petit Nicolas so I’m not sure I could handle 308 pages of French, but I have quite a few bilingual friends so I’ll be sure to let them know about it!

    All the best!

    ~ Cleo


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