WWW Wednesdays (June 4)

www wednesdays
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To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

OMG, I’m so very excited about this!!

A bit of a background:

Last week, I took part for the 3rd time in the awesome ArmchairBEA week. On Day 4, the topic was Expanding Blogging Horizons. I highlighted how I really wanted to jump into book vlogging.

The discussion was very interesting: some bloggers didn’t want to do it, because they said they preferred to read a review, and many confessed they felt too self-conscious.
And then Christine at Readerly Musings, you have to go and watch her book vlogs, encouraged me to do it through her own example.

I also prefer to read than watch book reviews, so I thought it would be better to vlog for a meme, so here you go!

  • Age wise, I could be the grand-mother of many book bloggers, Christine included
  • Being French, my teeth are not too nice…
  • I think I have a long nose
  • I was so nervous that I made lots of grammatical mistakes, shame on me former English teacher
  • I have too many euh… euh.., so.., so…
  • I repeat too many times ‘super funny’
  • and WWW Wednesdays is not a feature but a meme
  • After 13 years in the US I still do not have an Illinois accent, lol
  • it looks like I’m watching something up there instead of focusing on the eye of the webcam


  • I had lots of fun doing it
  • I am actually quite happy of how it turned out
  • I like the length, just 4 mn
  • I hope I conveyed enough enthusiasm for these 3 books, though sorry Ian Doescher, I even forgot to specify you were the author of my 3rd book!!

So please if you have 4 mn of your time, watch this video, let me know what you like/don’t like, and while you are at it, why not subscribe to my YouTube Words And Peace channel? I’m really going to do this often, for this meme and possibly some other memes!



24 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays (June 4)

  1. Well done to you for stepping outside your comfort zone! Your English is good! Much better than my French… I thought your video was enjoyable!


  2. Way to go, Emma! So cool that you stepped outside your comfort zone. I am still in the thinking about it phase of vlogging. The only suggestion I have is to slow down when moving the books around.


  3. Great job! I love you accent! I’ve thought about vlogging, but I don’t have the courage! Good for you!


      • I don’t think I would do well at it. Too self conscience. I’m still not confident of my blogging skills. I feel like I’m still working on that, and I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now.


        • I think the most important is just to discover there are other ways of sharing your enthusiasm for a book. As I said in my post, I could be stopped by lots of things pertaining to my person, but really who cares if you speak to them about great books to read, lol.
          your reviews are very enjoyable, I love the look of your site and background too. And congratulations on homeschooling!


          • Thanks! I’ve been homeschooling for a while now, about 10 years. I’m only going to be homeschooling one next year, and he’s my last one. 🙂
            Thanks for checking out my site. Maybe I will give vlogging a try sometime!


  4. YAY! I’m so, so happy for you and your first vlog! You did a really great job with it and I love your accent!

    Thank you so much for the shout out, it’s such an amazing feeling knowing I helped encourage you to start vlogging! 😀

    I feel like I sometimes have the same problem with looking at the camera lens while I’m filming. Sometimes it’s because I like to check that everything’s filming okay because I have my viewfinder screen turned towards me whenever I film, but other times my eyes just stray away…

    Also, I’m incredibly jealous you have a copy of Ian Doescher’s The Jedi Doth Return already! It’s one of my ‘must buy’ books of July 😀


  5. Congrats! I think that you did a good job. I participated in Armchair Bea too. I am one of the bloggers that is a little hesitant about vlogging.

    It’s encouraging to me to see that you decided to give vlogging a try. I am going to subscribe to your YouTube channel.


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