Armchair BEA 2014: wrap-up

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What were some of your favorite aspects of Armchair BEA 2014?  What were the most intriguing conversations or the posts you recommend everyone read?  Did you want to summarize your own posts all in one spot?  This is your opportunity to share your wrap-up for the week in the way you feel most appropriate.

I believe Armchair BEA 2014 was my 3rd time taking part n this event. For the first time, I got organized and managed to write most of my posts ahead of time, which really helped and allowed me more time to visit and leave comments on lots of blogs.

Here are my posts:

Day 1: Introduction and Literature

Day 2: Author Interaction and More Than Just Words

Day 3: Expanding Blogging Horizons

Day 4: Giveaways and Beyond The Borders: I totally goofed for the giveaway putting as mandatory being part of Armchair BEA, instead of doing something like follow ArmchairBEA on Twitter. So only fellow book bloggers were able to enter. I won’t make that mistake again!! By the way the giveaway is open until tonight!

Day 5: Local (Chicagoland) Bookstores and YA

I also took part in a full twitter party and partially to another one. The full hour I took part in was totally insane, even using Twubs. I had hard time even clicking on Reply and RT buttons, because the feed would go so crazy fast.
I did not enjoy it as much as I usually enjoy twitter parties. I regretted that the questions were kind of repeats of the theme of the day – each had already written on that. Maybe we should have questions unrelated to the theme of the day for those parties, to make them even richer in content?
Also, he really helps if questions are introduced as Q1, Q2, and answers start with A1, A2, etc. I remember ready tweets and wondering if it applied to a question or the other, one was about liking and the other disliking, so it was impossible to really what the tweeter was meaning. I used the Q # and A# system for the twitter party I organized last month, and it really helps to follow the conversation.

During this week, I got to know better a few more bloggers, and added many to the list of Book Bloggers I follow on Twitter or through Bloglovin.
I also got in touch with a local blogger for a possible IRL meeting!
A few bloggers finally realized I was French, lol!

The discussion on Literature presented a vast array of answers for the definition, to basically Literature is whatever you want it to be, lol.

Taking part in the discussion on expanding Blogging Horizons gave me more courage to launch one day soon into vlogging, maybe to use for the monthly recap, so stay tuned, the next monthly recap is coming soon; and possibly transforming some posts into an ebook. Some comments makes me revisit the possibility of self-hosting.
Maybe these were the best fruit of this week for me.

I also won 2 books by participating in discussions in ArmchairBEA, and possibly some the books with all the giveaways I entered.

Conclusion: thanks to the awesome team of ArmchairBEA! The daily themes were very well chosen.
if I’m available, i will definitely take part in ArmchairBEA 2015, waiting for BEA in Chicago in 2016!





8 thoughts on “Armchair BEA 2014: wrap-up

  1. Writing posts ahead of time sounds like a brilliant method for Armchair BEA. I’m going to try that next year.

    I had a great time with this, my first, Armchair BEA. So glad you did, too!


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  3. Hallo, Hallo Ms. Emma! 🙂

    *waves!* I am a #cheerREADER with Team4 of #ArmChairBEA! I did not get the proper chance to make my routes the last few days, as I simply had a full plate! I enjoyed the event this year, as it is my first, but I know next year in order to allow myself the time needed to take in the fullness of the event itself, I will need to keep my week of the #ArmChairBEA ‘clear’ of blog tours & book reviews! I simply ran out of hours needed to visit as many blogs as I had hoped & of course, a major thunderstorm on Thursday derailed my plans completely! Sighs.

    I did not notice the hiccup in the Twitter party as much as you did, as I attend different Twitter chats during the week, and it is either open forum like #ArmChairBEA OR it is the Q1, A1 format. I think they each have their benefits,… one thing I do like about open forum is that you can answer multiple times back to back without having to clarify which Q you were responding too. Although, I suppose it is more difficult to track? I am not sure.

    I am writing my own suggestions for improvements, so I can understand why you included them in your Wrap-Up Post! 🙂 They are very receptive to changes & suggestions which is always nice!

    Vlogging!? Wow. A lot of bloggers I know are branching into a vlog! I think that is fantastic! I personally am on the podcast side of the ledger! I’d rather talk via blog talk radio as a Guest than to go in front of the camera myself! 🙂 At least we are all seeking out ways in which to communicate in new ways! I will have to look for your first vlog! On self-hosting — I toyed with the idea, but I truly am happy with WP. I cannot complain.

    Thankful to see you had a great time!! 🙂


    • I was a cheerleader last year, yes it takes tons of time.
      open forum format for twitter parties is fine when there are less participants and not like 10 messages/second, lol.
      I think more people watch videos than listen to podcasts these days, I may be wrong, so that’s why I’ll try vlogging.


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