January 25-26, 2014

After I posted my beautiful plans for Bloggiesta, “disaster stroke”:
I was asked not to translate the last chapters of a book, because it looked like they were not too different from the first edition.
So I accepted the translation of another book,
and then the client told me to actually go on with the translation of that first book!!
Of course all these things have tight deadlines, so that meant adios to Bloggiesta!

  1. Maybe: Participate in a #bloggiesta twitter party Too dead for many hours of translation on the computer before that
  2. Maybe: participate in  a few mini-challenges, if I find some exciting ones.
  3. back-up my blog
  4. sign up for the last, I swear reading challenge for 2014, on reading books in translation. Will definitely do that soon, however
  5. write 2 or 3 reviews
  6. organize a contest to get more reviewers for France Book Tours. Done! will be posted here and on France Book Tours tomorrow.
  7. link more virtual book tours on Pinterest

= the most pitiful of all my Bloggiestas!
How did yours go?