2014 historical fiction

Historical fiction was MY favorite genre in 2013.

So let’s go higher this year to the Ancient History level – that is, 25 books.

  1. Isabella, Braveheart of France, by Colin Falconer
  2. Anvil of God, by J. Boyce Gleason
  3. The Kabbalist, by Yoram Katz
  4. The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte, by Ruth Hull Chatlien
  5. The Hurlyburly’s Husband, by Jean Teulé
  6. Queen Elizabeth’s Daughter, by Anne Clinard Barnhill
  7. Citadel, by Kate Mosse
  8. The Collector of Dying Breaths, by M.J. Rose
  9. The Shadow Queen, by Sandra Gulland
  10. The Towers of Tuscany, by Carol M. Cram
  11. St Bartholomew’s Man, by Mary Delorme
  12. A Star For Mrs. Blake, by April Smith
  13. The Man With The Lead Stomach, by Jean-François Parot
  14. Timbuctoo, by Tahir Shah
  15. Baudelaire’s Revenge, by Bob Van Laerhoven
  16. Au revoir là-haut, by Pierre Lemaitre
  17. The Wharf of Chartrons, by Jean-Paul Malaval
  18. All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr
  19. Midnight in Europe, by Alan Furst
  20. Madame Picasso, by Anne Girard
  21. The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar, by Kim Rendfeld
  22. Edwin: High King of England, by Edoardo Albert
  23. Lies Told in Silence, by M.K. Tod
  24. Bitter Greens, by Kate Forsyth
  25. A Paris Apartment, by Michelle Gable
  26. Taking The Cross, by Charles Gibson
  27. The Sharp Hook of Love, by Sherry Jones
  28. Juliet’s Nurse, by Lois Leveen
  29. The Phantom of Rue Royale, by Jean-François Parot
  30. Death at the Fair, by Frances McNamara
  31. The Unquiet Bones, by Mel Starr