Books on France 2013 Reading Challenge Winner

Books on France

Jan 1- Dec 31, 2013

I promised there would be at least 1 winner, and there is!

32 readers signed up for this challenge and posted 139 reviews.

Unfortunately, only 7 participants posted their wrap-up post.

Congratulations for all the France connected books you read, impressive for the 1st year of this challenge!

My challenge post conveniently has the 3 links displayed: 1 to sign up, 1 for each review you post, and 1 for wrap-up, much easier than other challenges where you have to fish around to see where to post and link.
So to reward those who read these books AND took time to link their reviews AND post a wrap-post, here is what I did:

  1. I took each wrap-up post in order they were posted
  2. for each of these bloggers, I went an counted not how many books they read, but how many they took time to review and connect. So for instance 1 blogger did a wrap-up post with 3 titles, but she never linked these 3 reviews
  3. and then I asked to choose the winner.
  4. here is what it looked like:
  1. Peek A Book: entries 1-3
  2.  Kirjava Kukko: entries 4-14
  3. entries 15-36
  4. The Most Happy Reader: entries 37-41
  5. Joy’s Book Blog: entries 42-60
  6. In My Book: entries 61-63
  7. A Hot Cup of Pleasure: entries 64-67


randomTHAT IS…

Velma at

Kirjava Kukko

who blogs in Finnish!

Congratulations Velma,
and whoever is interested in doing this challenge  in 2014,
come this way!



What do you think? Share your thoughts, and I will answer you. I will also visit your own blog

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