2013: November wrap-up

November was  a very good reading month:

12 books, with 2825 pages, that is,  91.1 pages/day.

Among those, 3 were audiobooks: 20:06 hours as a whole, that is, an average of 41 mn/day.

I read:

3 fiction:

  1. The Lover’s Dictionary, by David Levithan
  2. Le côté de Guermantes, by Marcel Proust – ebook upcoming review
  3. Botchan, by Natsume Soseki –upcoming review

4 historical fiction:

  1. The Harlot’s Tale, by Sam Thomas –ebook, review scheduled for Jan 6
  2. The Conversation, by Jean d’Ormesson 
  3. The Pagan Lord, by Bernard Cornwell – ebook upcoming review
  4. Mistress of the Revolution, by Catherine Delors upcoming review

2 non-fiction:

  1. The Library At Night, by Alberto Manguel
  2. Badluck Way, by Bryce Andrews –ebook – review coming very soon, the book is released on Dec 3!

3 mysteries:

  1. Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle, by Dorothy Gilman – audiobook
  2. Mrs. Pollifax and The Second Thief, by Dorothy Gilman – audiobook
  3. Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station, by Dorothy Gilman – audiobook – all these will be combined in 1 review

My favorites this month:

The Pagan Lord    The Library At Night


Reading Challenges recap

Around the World in 12 books:  12/12   COMPLETED
Audiobook: 16/12 –  COMPLETED
Books on France: 33/12 – COMPLETED
Cozy Mysteries: 10/10 – COMPLETED
Ebook challenge: 26/10 – COMPLETED
European reading challenge: 13/5 – COMPLETED
Historical fiction: 33/15 – COMPLETED
Japanese literature: 2/2 – COMPLETED
New authors challenge: 62/25 – COMPLETED
TBR challenge: 12/12 – COMPLETED
What’s in a Name: 6/6 – COMPLETED
Where Are You Reading?: 10/50
Australian Literature: 1/1 – COMPLETED

Total of books read so far in 2013 = 94

Number of books added to my TBR in October = 39


Blog recap

  1. 4 of the 12 books mentioned here were received for review by the publisher/author
  2. 33 readers signed up for my Books on France Challenge, and 116 reviews have already been posted. Don’t forget to post your reviews, and now is the time to post your recap, with a giveaway coming! 3 readers have already posted their recap.

  3. Talking about Reading Challenges, I have completed all the ones I intended to, so only one left that I plan to go on with next year: reading the States: as I had to finish the 52 countries, I knew I would not go too far on that one, so 10/50 so far makes me happy enough.
  4. To my now regular memes Mailbox Monday, Teaser Tuesday, First Chapter First Paragraph (on France Book Tours), WWW Wednesday, I Love France, and Friday Finds, I have added in November Book Beginnings, that I combine with Friday Finds, and two on France Book Tours: Wordless Wednesday and Friday 56.
  5. I launched Swap Saturday. Even though lots of bloggers came to visit, very few have been posted books they are ready to swap, so I will now do it only on the 1st Saturday of each month.

  6. And did you notice? I have slightly changed the formatting of my reviews: do you like it, or did you prefer the former way?
  7. Every month, France Book Tours has a giveaway for the book(s) of the month. Have you checked yet the December giveaway? There are 2 books to win!

  8. France Book Tours already completed 21 book tours, and there are 7 already scheduled, with 2 authors coming already for the 2nd time on FBT ! If you are interested in reviewing books on your blog for France Book Tours, just fill in this short questionnaire. You can find all kinds of genre: historical fiction, romance, mystery, LGBT, nonfiction, etc. And France Book Tours has now over 1,000 followers. Thanks to all of you!

Most popular recent book review

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Most popular recent post – non book review

Swap Saturday

Book blogger that brought me
most traffic this past month

Should Be Reading

please go visit!

Plans for December

  • Dec 1-7: Dreamy December Days Read-a-thon
  • I plan to read a few books already scheduled for January, and then finish the month with fun relaxing books, with no challenge in mind – probably a few mysteries by Agatha Christie.
  • I plan to post early all my reading challenges recap, as they are done – but lots of reviews to go!
  • I will also post very soon my own challenge for you in 2014!
  • And I will announce the reading challenges I plan to tackle in 2014

How was YOUR month of November?
And what are your reading plans for December?


16 thoughts on “2013: November wrap-up

  1. How wonderful you just read Le côté de Guermantes, by Marcel Proust, and eBook too. I just finished reading Within A Budding Grove and written a review on my blog. I’m thinking, if I go on with the third volume, I’d like to try eReading. Did you read it in French? Do you know of any English e version that I can download?


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