Blogiversary #3! stats

Words And Peace celebrates
its 3rd blogiversary!

It has been 3 thrilling years, thanks to you, my readers!

It is so much fun interacting with you readers and co-book bloggers, writers and publishers! A whole great bunch of people!

Book blogging is helping me share my passion of reading and also remembering better what I read, as I take notes for my reviews. It has also made me read more, because what can I say, when you mention a fantastic book on your own book blog, how could I resist adding it to my TBR?

My weakness is my slowness at reviewing the books I have recently read.

To remedy this, tada tada tada…

…I have decided to join Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer! So very Sunday, starting in November, one of my review will be posted on his blog. Don’t worry, there will be an introduction to it on my won blog, so you will know about it if you follow me.

If you are like me, it’s easier to go help someone clean their house than clean your own, right? So I thought taking this commitment may help me at least have 1 review out per week!!

Now to some stats:

  • 660 posts
  • 1,879 followers (781 thru Twitter, 751 via email, 242 via WordPress, 242 via Facebook)
  • 48,654 views/hits (that’s actually 44/day, not terrific, but growing)
  • 519 views on my busiest day: 12/11/2012 (during The 1st Annual Historical Holiday Blog Hop!)

My very first post, launching this book blog

My very first review! on Claude and Camille, by S. Cowell

claude and camille

  • Top post, apart from my Home Page [12,855 views]: Review of Of Mice And Men = 1,850 hits. This is still a surprise for me, but I guess lots of students are looking for reviews for their studies! I read this book during a Classics tour on which I was invited, so that’s really thrilling. But I’m quite ashamed at this review indeed, which could be so much better!
  • Most commented post: Books On France Reading Challenge– with 108 comments
  • Top recent commentator, with 25 comments: author Patricia Sands – go visit her great blog!

To celebrate better this day, watch out, there will be 2 more posts today!

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