Short book reviews


Shakespeare's Star warsThis book is totally hilarious:
Star Wars, 1st part,
recounted in the style of the Bard,
with rhymes, chorus,
list of characters entering and exiting for each scene,
just like a real play.
It really made me laugh aloud many times.

Here are a few excerpts for your pleasure.

I was told the illustrations were also very cool,
but looks like I did not get them in the egalley
I received through Edelweiss.

“Anon, anon, R2! Where dos thou go?
O prithee, patience, leave me not alone.
[Aside.] Aye, even though I mock and injure thee,
I’ll surely die if e’er thou leavest me! p.12

“I want to know what happen’d to the plans they sent!
And prithee, speak thou well, or speak thy last,
For fairer necks than thine my hand hath crush’d. p.18

Having read Darth Vader And Son
a few months ago,
I had to read this one!
Very funny too to imagine
how he raised this young modern teen.
The illustrations and short legends are really fun.vader's little princess
enchantmentThis is a beautiful mystery,
very nicely illustrated,
taking place in Le Louvre.

If you love Paris, France, paintings, art,

you need to read this quick book.

This was a cute little book, oops, no: tiny!with fun tiny comments.
Very good if you need to relax with something light, fun, and fast.Tiny Book of Tiny Stories
you're all just jealous of my jetpackThese are cute comics
about everything and anything,
a lot about books and writing.
I like the very plain illustration style.
Here is one of my favorite pages:holiday _novel



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